The nude look is the protagonist of 2023 make-up and fashion

Simple, direct, but also playful and always current. The nude look is one of the main fashion trends of 2023 both on the beauty front, as regards make-up, and for the fashion of clothing and accessories. What unites the two areas is the idea of ​​a modern soap and water beauty, unsophisticated and naturally sensual.

Nude look in make-up

Natural And naked they don’t mean no makeup, but rhyme with authenticity and fidelity to themselves. There yes valuebut it doesn’t change. In the nude look trends, eyes and lips are the protagonists, but never in an ostentatious way, and with a bright and sparkling touch. The basic rule is that less colour there is, the better. The nude make-up look involves the use of just a few basic colors And neutralsuch as pink, beige or peach, and their shades.

The tricks you need for the nude look

For a perfect nude look, i foundation they must be light and chromatically as close as possible to one’s complexion, but can also be used colored creams. For an effect supernatural And homogeneous, without stains and without contrasts, apply them first on the back of the hand, and then with the fingertip or brush start spreading them outwards. The blush should only be a light tint, similar to your natural hair color. For the lips choose a neutral lip gloss or a lipstick from tones natural. Define the look with pencil And mascara, loading the latter a little more. The key to success is making sure that the products you use match your natural skin tone, complexion and hair color.

The right colors of the nude look in make up

In general the nude colourthe highlight of the nude look in makeup, includes nuances And nuances Of face powder, beige clear and all colors in line with the complexion. Depending on the season, then, the tones can be taken up and declined starting from the palette of nature, more intense and matte in autumn/winter and more transparent and bright for spring/summer.

The nude look in fashion

In fashion, the nude look is synonymous with the so-called style “I see-I don’t see“, made of veils And transparencies, but also lace, crinolines and mesh and perforated fabrics and exposed lingerie, for a sexy and intriguing image, but chic and retro when needed. In the nude look, the garments worn – dresses, sweaters, blouses – are like one second skin and let the body shapes.

The elegant and refined nude look

In the nude look there is always a component intriguing and jaunty, that winks, but as actresses such as have shown on the red carpet and on social occasions Gwyneth Paltrow And Audrey Tautoucan be chic and elegantgently back and often with a bon ton touch.

The gritty and rock nude look

In more contemporary interpretations, then, the nude look often expresses an explosion of sensuality, an exhibition of one’s femininity, which is not afraid to show itself, almost an invitation to let loose, to get rid of inhibitions and taboos. Think of certain exhibitions of Rihanna or Nicki Minaj, but also to Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga and their sometimes extreme outfits, but certainly of great impact.

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