Keanu Reeves, are you really getting old? From Neo from The Matrix to John Wick

Eat time immune people like Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly which seem to justify the famous line from “The Leopard” that “everything must change for nothing to change.” In the case of Tom Cruise, who shared the screen with Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun: Maverick, it seems less than a year has passed since the first film in the series. Keanu Reeves two years before his 60th birthdaybelongs to this line of actors.

Keanu Reeves was born in Lebanon to an Asian American father and an English mother. His first performance took place on stage, where he played Mercutio at the age of fifteen.

From that moment he begins to enter Hollywood with small roles, which in the decade of the nineties will give way to his first major roles. troubled teen belly and dannatywhere he starred with River Phoenix, a big star of those years, and a police surfer from Point Break.

Shortly thereafter, Coppola signed him for the lead role. John Harker in his adaptation of Dracula, a performance that Keanu Reeves heavily criticized. From that moment on, Keanu Reeves’ career is sheltered under the umbrella of a frenetic action with “Speed”.

Lebanese actor proves he’s going against the grain when after the success of Speed, he declined to star in the sequel. because he preferred to tour with his rock band. It cost him several closed doors and he was only at the start of his career, a career that could have disappeared forever if he wasn’t so talented.

Keanu Reeves in a scene from the movie Speed ​​(1994)

The Matrix took him to the top, at thirty-five years old was already a recognized actor. His liking and respect for the hermetic and enigmatic protagonist Neo was certainly higher than his alter ego in Speed ​​considering Reeves would agree to appear in three Matrix sequels, having played him last in The Resurrection Matrix. » (2021).

At that time, Keanu Reeves has participated in other franchiseslike Constantine, whose second part will be released in 2024, almost twenty years after the first, and, of course, John Wick, whose fourth part was released in theaters last March.

Between Neo is thirty years old from the first series of the Matrix and almost sixty years old John Wick little more than a shave, a haircut, and sunglasses remains from the last film. While promoting the new John Wick adventure, a journalist asked Keanu Reeves the fateful question many of the actor’s fans have been asking for a long time: “Are you really getting old?” The Lebanese smiled and replied, “Yes, boy. I’m getting old. Really. It’s happening, baby.”

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