Keira Knightley does not remember Pirates of the Caribbean and her role with pleasure

The saga of Pirates of the Caribbean marked the fame and career of many stars: not only Johnny Deppforever linked to the role of Jack Sparrowbut also and above all Keira Knightley. The English actress was just 17 and a few other films on her shoulders when she starred Elizabeth Swannapparently an experience that marked her, yes, but not in a positive way.

Talking with Harper’s Bazaar UK, Knightley has in fact retraced her entry into adult life to a celebrity already acquired from a very young age. To give her some problems, looking back on it, is her lust which has often been linked to her character played in the first 3 films of the saga:

Elizabeth Swann was everyone’s object of lust. Not that she doesn’t have a lot of conflict in her. But it was interesting to go from really being a tomboy to being projected as just the opposite. I felt very limited. Very blocked. So the subsequent roles were about trying to get out of it… I had no idea how to articulate that. I really felt like I was imprisoned something I didn’t understand.

This explains, according to his statements, some projects accepted in the same period of The Curse of the Dead Man’s Chest (2006) and On the edge of the world (2007), i.e Pride and Prejudice and Atonementboth directed by Joe Wright. Her first guaranteed her an Oscar nomination at just 20 years old.

Retracing those phases of his career, he added:

I’ve been incredibly hard on myself. I’ve never been good enough. I was absolutely resolute, ambitious, motivated. I’ve always tried to get better and better, which it’s an exhausting way to live life. Exhausting. I’m in awe of myself at 22, because I’d like to have a little more of her strength. And it’s only not being like this anymore that I realize how extraordinary it was. But it came at a cost: burnout.

A word, the latter, associated with a condition of chronic and persistent stress, often due to the working context. And apparently everything for Keira Knightley would have started from that first, unforgettable but difficult role. Curiously, she’s not the only actress to have a bittersweet memory of that set: she did too some time ago Zoe Saldana he recounted his own terrible experience with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

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Source: Harper’s Bazaar UK


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