Ken Ryan Gosling’s song for the movie Barbie is viral. Video

What would have happened to Ken without Barbie? How does it feel to always be the eternal other? Now we know how he feels: The feelings and emotions of Barbie’s muscular adventure companion have finally been revealed. Released by Warner Bros. unforgettable video in which Ryan Gosling sing existential crisis of his character. is called “I’m Just Ken” and, needless to say, it is Already catchphrase.

Ryan Gosling as Kane

A power ballad Put signature on mark ronson with and Slash from Guns N’ Roses on guitar. In the excerpt, Gosling, 42, explains what it’s like to be in (one-sided) love with the love of his life, Barbie. “Where I see love, you see friendship”, he sings shirtless, showing off his muscles. This song is part of the official soundtrack of the film greta gerwigIncluding songs by Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish and Sam Smith.

Anticipation rises towards the film

“It was insane. Ryan Gosling is a big star in the movie and he only had three hours on a Tuesday afternoon to work on the song”, soundtrack producer Mark Ronson told Variety – he just started singing and I thought: “This boy is going to rock with this song!”, And indeed he did. I am very excited. We worked on it for about a year after they cut their share. When I sent him the final version playing Slash, he was thrilled and satisfied. That’s what you want when you play for somebody.”

The song (along with its video) adds to itwaiting for the release of the movieScheduled for July 21. It’s so close now!

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