Olivia Rodrigo has a soft spot for Bruce Springsteen

It’s certainly possible to find it among today’s twenty-somethings. Harry Styles Or Timothee Chalamet, harder to quote than anyone Bruce Springsteen, not so for Olivia Rodriguez (only 20 years). in a kind of journalistic “game” for Vogue which called on her to promote “CourageIn his next second album, the young artist depicts him among his “loves”.

The young artist was offered to “buy” some records (vinyls) and when it was his turn he didn’t hesitate to say “It’s coming home with me”.Pornography in the United States”, a bootleg of Bruce Springsteen, thus declaring his passion for the mature peer.

There certainly aren’t many members of Generation Z who are passionate about Bruce, but Olivia has declared that she has very broad musical interests that look to the past. Cantat was recently seen in concert with his father Care And Depeche Mode. In an interview with Vogue, he said that he was influenced by karen o yes yes yes da as carol king,

“Porn in the USA”, a pun on “Born in the USA”, is a double bootleg recorded by Public, consisting of the first half (16 songs) of the fifteenth show of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA Tour”. Are. ”, one in Toronto’s Exhibition Stadium grandstand on 24 July 1984. In the concert lineup, although the disc was out for more than a month, the songs from the album “Born in the USA” are not yet included, with the exception of “Glory Days”, the title track, and the first single, “Dancing in the Dark”. Together.

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