Kendall Jenner nude appearance is cool

One of the first

the star who said no to the bra definitely Kendall Jenner. It so happened that in 2014 she made her debut on the catwalk in a knitted caramel V-neck top and sheer fabric from the Marc Jacobs winter collection. Since then, the American model, businesswoman and socialite has never missed an opportunity to appear in the “loose nipples” option, free from oppressive push-up pads, too tight straps and painful metal bones, breaking the taboo associated with the female breast. Her casual outfits prove it – she’s known for being a big believer in draped blouses, vintage dresses, cropped tees, white tees, cropped tees and generally nude clothes, which she wears strictly without a bra, but in general. her appearance on the red carpet: how can you forget the dress chosen for the Met Gala 2022? And do we want to talk about the Chanel spring-summer 1994 creation that was worn in honor of Karl Lagerfeld (also) during the Met Gala 2023 party? Below is a retrospective dedicated to the best nude look Kendall Jenner.

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