Kendall Jenner shows off her body and a bottle of tequila: a post that drives people crazy

Summer has flown by and September has already arrived, but it looks like Kendall Jenner hasn’t said goodbye to the holidays just yet. Maybe because it’s still very hot in Los Angeles, or maybe because she doesn’t want to hide her statuesque model body. Of course, Kendall continues to enjoy life to the fullest. She recently posted photos on her Instagram profile in a bikini, relaxing at home with her beloved dog and enjoying a drink of her own brand of tequila. She is known to be beautiful and very sexy, but these photos are truly breathtaking.

She’s wearing a navy blue bikini with a strapless top and high-cut bottoms. He is wearing black sunglasses and holding a bottle of tequila and a glass. Kendall is truly enjoying the relaxing moment to the fullest. His ripped physique with toned abs and mile-long legs is on full display. Her skin is glowing and tanned by the sun. Her hair is combed back and wet. Kendall is captivating the entire internet with these photos. The post received 5.9 million likes and received an avalanche of comments. “Can she get any more beautiful?” and “She’s a true goddess” are just some of the rave comments. In addition, many users jokingly call her “mami”, which means “darling” in Spanish, referring to her current boyfriend Bad Bunny.

In the photos, Kendall also promotes her tequila brand, 818 Tequila. Sister Kim Kardashian launched this business two years ago, but from the very beginning the brand was not particularly popular with the public. There has been a lot of controversy regarding the brand on social media. Many users accused Kendall of cultural appropriation, claiming that she appropriated tequila’s main ingredient, agave. In addition, there is also criticism regarding the exploitation of workers.

Despite the controversy, Kendall continues to live life to the fullest, enjoying the summer and showing off her amazing body. There is no doubt that she is one of the most revered and desired models of our time.

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