Khloé Kardashian, the message of the bikini photos with cellulite on display

Khloé Kardashian in a bikini (again) without filters. But this time no drama. On the contrary…

When it comes to unattainable aesthetic standards, the Kardashians have a lot to account for. From heavily Photoshopped selfies to tweakment endorsement deals, from fitness broadcasts to well-researched weight-loss journeys, America’s most famous sisters have made selling unrealistic ideals a successful business strategy. How many of us can claim to have looked at a picture of the Kardashians without feeling the slightest sense of insecurity about our appearance? Yet, it seems, the Kardashians themselves aren’t immune to the ill effects of those pressures they themselves help create.

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The drama of the “bikini-gate”

Take for example the drama of the photo of Khloé Kardashian in a bikini without filters, a story that dates back to 2021. Khloé wanted the image taken down from the internet so badly that she threatened alegal action. Naturally, an uproar ensued on social media: what kind of example does a woman who becomes so alarmed by a less than perfect self-image set? What hopes can “normal” women have? And yet, when you consider the endless struggles Khloé has faced with regards to her body and her image, after years of sister comparisons and incessant online shaming, it becomes clear that the issue is actually much more complex . Being rich and famous doesn’t necessarily free you from your insecurities.

Back in bikini, but without filters

Now, two years after ‘bikini-gate’, Khloé has shared a few photos in her two-piece, apparently without filters, but on his terms. Shot by sister Kendall Jenner, the images show Khloé posing in profile in front of a door, her body bathed in sunlight and… a hint of cellulite on display.

The sign of an epochal change?

What to think of this move? Without a doubt, Khloé deserves credit for showing off her body without retouching, with all its imperfections. If even a Kardashian embraces self-acceptance, perhaps we truly are about to witness a sea change in regards to impossible beauty standards. On the other hand, can a single post really alter a message conveyed over a decade through aggressively filtered selfies? Maybe not. But it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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