Kicks, pushes and unexpected results: Lisandro Martinez and Jude Bellingham cross for Real Madrid against Manchester United

Several pre-season friendlies between Europe’s top teams turned into intense competition and ended with real Madrid beat him 2-0 Manchester United inside NRG Stadium of houston No exception: Argentinians Lisandro Martinez and Jude Bellingham A very aggressive tackle that caused a commotion between the stars of both teams.

The score of the game is already 1-0 for the white team. quite, Bellingham was responsible for scoring the first goal 5 minutes.New reinforcements for White Team, starting from Borussia Dortmund in exchange $105 millionin the ball from Antonio Rudiger and clearly defined above Andre Onana.

arrive Lisandro MartinezHe, who won the world title with Argentina at the last World Cup, didn’t like the way they beat him at all.At the end of the first half, he reached a crossroads Bellingham in midfield.former defender Newell’s When the 20-year-old Englishman tried to turn around, he walked to the center circle and attacked him.

Richa He stood up as if nothing had happened, but Jude Bellingham wakes up furious Due to a hard kick given to him by the Argentinian centre-back Played on Ajax before immigrating to old trafford.The referee shows Martinez a yellow card bellingham I pushed him.

Lisandro Martinez condemned for brutally kicking Jude Bellingham (Getty Images)

A brief general discussion took place between players from both teams. Danny Carvajal He was one of the first people to enter the scene to refute Lisandro Martinezbecause it is too violent an act for a friendly person to do, on the verge of deportation. This is the second time in pre-season that the Argentinian has played in this style, after giving him a strong performance just a few days ago. Bukayo Saka In a friendly match against Arsenal.

bellingham He was replaced by the Uruguayan at half-time Federico Valverdealthough Lisandro Martinez He left in the 17th minute of stoppage time and the Swede came on. Victor Lindelof instead. He also played for England. Alexander Garnachohe had a good chance to score, but it didn’t materialize.

At the end of the game, Joselu In the end, he scored a goal with a score of 2-0. Lucas Vazquez Kill the ball after changing the line Toni Crosssending a cross into the penalty area, allowing the striker to 33 years old Defined by spectacular acrobatics.

And at the end of the meeting, Jude Bellingham Counseled on aggression issues Richa Martinez and was not mired in controversy. Instead, I praise their competitiveness. “I just couldn’t repeat what I told him.. At the end of the game, he came up to me and wished me the best, which I really respected. I know what happens on the court stays on the court. When two players are trying to make their team win, I can respect that.. He’s a great competitor and a great player.Like me, he wants to win“, replied.

Summary: Real Madrid 2-0 Manchester United

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