‘King of Kings’: Celtics legend ignores Bill Russell, gives Michael Jordan ultimate honor

If there’s one NBA player who has it all, it’s Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls legend’s summary was unlike anything else we’ve seen in the sport to date. In addition to being credited with bringing gaming to the world, he deserves credit for one more thing. Kevin Garnett recently praised Jordan for making the sport more financially viable for other athletes. One could argue that players have done this before him, but KG doesn’t want to hear those arguments.

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Garnett said, To me, he is the goat of goats, the King of kings. “All the luxuries we have today, all the structures we have, and a lot of business… he started it all.” The 15-time NBA All-Star believes the pre-Jordan era is no longer the same level as it is now. big ticket MJ was also praised for breaking the glass ceiling that NBA players often ask for.

“He broke the boundaries for us…A lot of people will go back to Bill Russell who created all of these things, but Michael Jordan took us from Bill Russell…and Oscar Robinson…Michael Jordan took us around the world. “ KG believes that the league’s global dominance and player influence come from what MJ has achieved in his career.


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“Basketball has gone to another level because of Mike,” KG said. If you think about it carefully, Garnett’s statement makes sense. Without denying the contributions of others to the sport, no one has truly reached Jordan’s level.

Michael Jordan and the Trillion Dollar Claim


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KG further stated, “Mike made the league a trillion dollars, and he made Nike a trillion dollars.” While the numbers are more symbolic than literal, the emotion behind them is pure. Jordan certainly helped grow Nike, a brand that barely broke even when he joined and went on to change sneaker culture around the world.

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As for the league, MJ does bring more attention to the league, which generates more viewers, which leads to better deals and more revenue for the league. This also helps teams make more money, which then translates into players getting some incredible compensation to take shots on the hardwood. According to KG, it is only fair that these contributions are recognized.


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What do you think of Garnett’s approach? Do you agree that Michael Jordan helped develop basketball? Let us know in the comments below.

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