Kiss to granddaughter: 50-year-old man under investigation for harassment

Siena, September 21, 2023 – Small. A little over 10 years. Age when you dream before a movie “Barbie”, the same blonde Margot Robbie who plays in it. A stage of life in which there is still a need for a mother’s embrace and her tight embrace.

Little girl, in short, which is just emerging in life. However, faced with a sensitive trial in which she is seen as the aggrieved individual in an investigation where the spotlight will be on her, not at all welcome, from an uncle to his little niece, who lives in our province. The hypothesis on which the prosecutor’s office and its task force proceed ‘Code red’ which concerns abuse and vulnerable groups is sexual violence. A crime that includes many aspects. In this case, there would have been no sexual activity on the part of the fifty-year-old man, who was assisted by a lawyer. Stefano Cipriani, but a kind of supposedly (the investigation is still ongoing) kiss on the cheek, given in a “special” way. Thus, this is a sensitive situation since it involves a minor, given the inability of children to deal with such situations. An episode that the little girl reportedly reported to her father, who in turn sought clarification from the judiciary.

The girl has already been questioned by investigators in the protected forms provided for in these cases. A special curator was also appointed, who, in turn, relied on a lawyer. Daniela Del Lungo. He was in the courtroom at 2.30pm yesterday, as was the accused, who was sitting next to his lawyer when the judge entered. Chiara Minerva for a closed hearing to hear from a court-appointed consultant to evaluate the credibility of the minor’s testimony. But they soon left – the prosecutor supported the charge Nicola Marini – due to the consultant’s obstacle. Everything has been postponed until October.

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