Kylie Jenner Acne Studios Campaign Photos

World Acne Studios corresponds to what Kylie Jennerpresented in an unedited, substantial and authentic version, as a face Jeans campaign FW23 brand. Pictures taken in Los Angeles by a Dutch photographer and filmmaker. Carlin Jacobs have both a rugged and sophisticated aesthetic, giving the founder of Kylie Cosmetics a look very far removed from the glossy glamor she taught us to be: no flawless makeup and tight dresses, but wet-look hair, body paint and oversized denim, worn and dirty .

“The campaign aimed to show Kylie as a woman who is in control, loves herself and is not afraid to pursue her desires. My goal was to celebrate her individuality by doubling it. She loves herself and is not afraid to show it. .”, explains creative director Johnny Johansson. Although Kylie states that she is enthusiastic about the collaboration: “This campaign is one of my favorites. I enjoyed working with Carlain and I love the simplicity of the images, there is power in their immediacy.”

The campaign is based on the love of denim. When the brand first debuted in 1996, creative director Jonny Johansson gave away 100 pairs of jeans to artists, creatives, and fans of the brand. Now, nearly 30 years later, denim remains an integral part of the Acne Studios identity. “infinitely important stuff that (he) loves to reinvent every season” as Johansson defines it. Notably, Kylie Jenner wears a model unisex denim “2023”, featuring an ultra-oversized cut and available in both vintage Penicillin and waxed oil finish. The other model that Jenner wears is the 2021. loose fit jeans, mid-rise and wide-leg, first introduced to the collection in 2021, in the same washed-out hues as the floor-length Dacna denim maxi dress. The campaign looks are complemented by accessories from the latest Acne Studios FW23 collection, such as the new one. Bag with multiple pockets in distressed leather and the iconic sunglasses of the season.

The entire FW23 collection is available from the Acne Studios online store and stores worldwide.

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