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Various products and businesses of micro, small and medium companies present at the MSME Expo in the Industrial Pavilion of Expo Mariano Roque Alonso 2023The 40th edition of the country’s largest international exhibition marked its final weekend after 14 days of intense activity and thousands of visitors.

Industrial Pavilion, as the name suggests, Showcasing a range of big names in this dynamic industry, a dedicated space was dedicated to MSMEs last Friday so they could showcase their products, market them and network.

this Diversity of proposals from national MSMEs such as Baza Ratán impresses Expo attendeesa company located on the PY01 road, 17 km from Capiatá, is dedicated to the production of synthetic rattan furniture that is currently widely used and in demand.

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Various projects and businesses include an industrial pavilion for the Mariano Roque Alonso Expo 2023. Photo: Christian Meza

“We’ve done so much Indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, we always prioritize quality and make customers feel comfortable, comfortable and that what they buy is profitable“The company’s adviser, Fabianni Marín, told La Nación/Nación Media.

they make furniture Armchairs, stools, chairs, dining room sets, living room sets, integrated sofas, all designed and custom made by the same company Or customers request by themselves. The seat price is around 350,000 KRW, and the average cost of the highest game is more than 2.7 million KRW.

non-existent item There can be a lack of yerba mate in any fair, like all Paraguayans, you can’t stop drinking yerba mate, there is also the iconic yerba yerba Oro VerdeProduced in Independence Colonia, in the province of Guaira, “” is looking to expand at the fair to add more points of sale.

Oro Verde produces yerba mate from the yerba mate it harvests in Guaira’s Colonia Independencia.Photo: Christian Mesa

they are currently in The central area, in addition to the production area, is where the company harvests its own yerba mate and markets at least three products, either yerba mate or a stew, for example with mint and lemon, perfect for making Yerba Mate The freshness of its aroma and taste. In samples, they sell small products ranging from 3,000 grams to 1 kilogram.

Another micro, small and medium-sized enterprise that attracted the attention of visitors is Kate Creations, whose name suggests it’s Guaraní rather than English as many assume, alludes to something “fun” or “pituco”, The manufacture of Paraguayan stuffed animals marks their existence.

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The show also allows you to find international products.Photo: Christian Mesa

This small and medium enterprise is Creator of the Tiríka soft toy, which is all the rage during the 2022 South American Games in Asunción.Another number that yields a lot is Messi uttered a phrase popular during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: “Look stupid, go over there.”

Other characters also stand out, such as Mascots of the most traditional Paraguayan clubs and mascots made for different national brands. Prices range from £50,000 for the smallest stuffed animal to £100,000 for the largest stuffed animal, £150,000 for Macy’s spoken language including voice reproduction, and £150,000 to £200,000 for the largest stuffed animal.

A Also of high value is the honey produced in Chaco and all its derivatives, which arrive in the city of Luque to produce different products under the La Casita de Dulce Mirna line.which, according to owner Mirna, also offers Paraguayans everything “our” because they have Desserts eaten in the past, such as “butter” desserts, and even royal jelly produced from peanuts by queen bees.

Desserts and Paraguayan products based on honey and peanuts were displayed in the Industrial Pavilion of the Expo.Photo: Christian Mesa

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