Lady Gaga beauty trick finally revealed to fans

Not just a great singer, a successful actress with eccentric clothes. Lady Gaga is also a purveyor of beauty tricks. And you can say it correctly. Her makeup, as well as her skin and complexion are perfect. It was she who found the right treatment methods to restore her face to the desired brightness, beauty and youth. Secret? She spoke about this herself in a video filmed specifically for this occasion.

Haus Labs is Lady Gaga’s beauty brand.

The singer and actress launched her own cosmetics brand, which seems to be enjoying some success. Her makeup, always neat and bright, was always flawless, and lately even more flawless. In fact, fans couldn’t help but notice her perfect makeup during her recent appearances in Las Vegas. So her blemish-correcting beauty secret has a name – Triclon Skin Tech Concealer.

Skin without imperfections

This concealer will become a real “beauty elixir”. In fact, in a video posted on her official social media, the beautiful artist shows how to apply concealer to cover up imperfections and create an intimate look. The video, as mentioned, posted on Instagram was a bit of a success, with fans from all over the world almost “flocking” to watch it.

Presentation for beauty video

“For myself, I chose shade 11 Fair Neutral. I apply it under each eye Pto illuminate your eyes. Then I apply it to the center of my forehead, sides of my nose and under my chin. The beauty of this product is that it soothes inflammatory conditions, corrects imperfections, reduces redness and heals the skin for the entire day. I love this concealer because it’s packed with active ingredients stolen from skincare, including niacinamide, biotech caffeine, and our patent-pending fermented arnica. After just two weeks of use, it improves the skin around the eyes, reducing signs of fatigue.” the singer wrote about it

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