Lady Gaga enchants everyone at the Oscar night with her Versace dress: beautiful

She remains the undisputed protagonist of the night of the Oscars: Lady Gaga conquers those present with the incredible look by Versace. Let’s see together the images of the diva.

Lady Gaga confirms once again that she was born for the spotlight, conquers viewers and the attention of photographers with a ltotal black ook by Versace. In the last few hours, the video that shows the singer busy rescuing a paparazzi who has lost his balance has gone viral. The noble gesture translates into yet another fuse in favor of the fight for gender equality.

Lady Gaga, the undisputed protagonist
Lady Gaga, undisputed star of the night of the Oscars – (Credit: Instagram Lady Gaga) –

In fact, during the parade on the coveted carpet of the Oscars, the iconic Lady G realized that a photographer had lost his footing, inevitably falling to the ground. The singer then approached to help him get up, to then undergo some thanks pat on the side by man. The reaction of unease appeared evident to all, the actress and performer then moved away from the photographer without reserving him any smile.

Some cried foul, others simply argued it was an awkward way of thanking her for the kind gesture; however, the paparazzi could have directed her hand a little higher, since the latter he saw fit to touch Lady Gaga perhaps too low. Leaving aside the now typical scandals of the night of the Oscars, what has struck remains his incredible look, entirely signed by Versace.

Lady Gaga, the true protagonist of the night of the Oscars

On the night of the Oscars, Lady Gaga flaunted a sensual black dress by Versace, worn a few days earlier by model Gigi Hadid on the runway. The singer thus conquered those present, winning first place as the most appropriate outfit of the coveted ceremony dedicated to international cinema. After that, she decided to strip off everything, showing herself in all her naturalness.

Lady Gaga, total black look by Versace
Lady Gaga, total black look by Versace – (Credit: Instagram Lookdavip) ​​–

Lady Gaga has in fact been selected to perform on the occasion of the evening, the singer has thus returned to interpret the soundtrack of Top Gun, Hold my hand. On the occasion of the exhibition, the talented Oscar-winning artist showed up in ripped jeans, black short sleeve t-shirthair braided in a romantic braid, without a trace of makeup.

The message is very clear and hits the point perfectly: recalls Therefore the importance of self-acceptance, fighting against the canons imposed by society. And this is how the artist and actress once again becomes the undisputed star of the night of the Oscars. Since his film debut with A star is bornthe singer has never stopped and has developed the ability to offer memorable performances to the public.

Soon we will have the opportunity to see her again on the big screen. In fact, as can be seen from her official Instagram profile, it seems that the pop artist has been chosen to interpret the Joker’s female partner in the sequel to the iconic film. Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, will thus have the honor of working alongside the Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix.

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