Lady Gaga Sued By Woman Involved In Kidnapping Her Dogs For Failure To Reward | Cinema

Arrived in Rome to tour House of Gucci two years ago, Lady Gaga he had received particularly dramatic news.

Ryan Fischer, dog sitter and great friend of the singer, had been attacked by two criminals who had kidnapped two of his three French bulldogs. The man had been wounded by a gunshot to her chest and for all the answer the star had offered half a million dollars for the dogs to be returned in absolutely anonymous form.

A woman named Jennifer McBride had later “found” the dogs and brought them to the police department, but then in April 2021 she was arrested along with four other people because she was involved in an affair with the father of one of the suspects behind the shooting.

In December 2022 she had then appealed to the principle of no contestation and was sentenced to two years probation, while the man who fired the shot received a twenty-one-year prison sentence.

A few months later, McBride decided to sue Lady Gaga for not receiving the $500,000 reward. According to documents obtained by BuzzFeed News, McBride claims he tried “pain, suffering, and mental anguish, as well as existential harm” due to lack of reward.

The lawsuit states that the singer would be guilty of “fraud” against McBride for having “made a promise without the intent to keep it”.

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