Stranger Things, the series will have a theatrical prequel in London: the announcement on Instagram

You already miss Stranger Things after season 4 finale? Don’t worry, the production of the series never forgets its fans. And therefore, now that the main story is coming to an endthe time has come open the dances for spin-offs and prequels.

Stranger Things: The First Shadowis in fact the name of the theatrical piece announced on social media a few hours ago, set in 1959. To give a minimum of context to the representation, and therefore also be able to illustrate some theories about connections to the main plotwe inform you that there will be all season spoilers released by Netflix’s Stranger Things. You are warned!

Stranger Things: What will the theatrical prequel be about?

While our heroes are left with a big fish to fry, or with the gradual but inexorable invasion of the Upside Down in our own world in Hawkins, this piece decides instead to focus on events involving the Creel family.

The Creels, as we found out in Season 4 of Stranger Thingsthey were one family apparently absolutely normalbut whose son Henry has telekinetic powers. Feeling profoundly different from others for this reason, little Henry prefers the company of spiders, and begins to have violent and cruel behavior.

When the mother, having seen what her son was capable of, sets in contact with a young Dr. BrennerIn revenge, Henry Creel kills his mother and sister, losing consciousness before being able to destroy his father, Victor, later found guilty of the murders and imprisoned.

It is thanks to Victor that Nancy and Robin discover part of the truth in the fourth season of Stranger Thingsbut it is in the final episode that Vecna, on the notes of Koyaanisqatsitells who he was before he became experiment number one by Dr. Brenner.

Henry’s past and connections with the parent series

Stranger Things Season 4

So it should be just these gli events it will focus on The First Shadow, going to add details that could prove very useful even for the main plot. Probably, having chosen the theatrical form, it is easy for the representation to take place limits to tell more specifically the evolution of Henry Creelbut as we have seen during the pandemic, theater has also adapted to streaming.

That this new form of use of the theater can therefore allow for more ambitious connections with the mother series? For example, one of the most famous theories on the Internet sees Will Byers play a key role in the final arc of the story. We can therefore expect in The First Shadow from the sneak peeks on why Will disappearedthat evening in 1983?

We remind you that the first four seasons of Stranger Things I am now available on Netflix. There fifth seasonthe last one, is scheduled for 2024. The cast includes Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin.


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