Lakers vs. Clippers, results and stats: LeBron James’ team ends losing streak in L.A.

Confrontation between Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers They’ve always been special, but even more so in recent seasons as both teams have emerged as NBA championship contenders at the same time.

However, the purple and gold have gone 11 straight games without a win against the white, red and blue team (who wore black today) and have become a thorn in their side at Staples Center. LeBron James He gave it all and his people were the victors because 130-125 in overtime.

This result remains The Lakers and Clippers both have a record of 3 wins and 2 losses.ranking in the middle of the Western Conference standings.

What is the record of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Los Angeles Lakers? Los Angeles Clippers?Final results and statistics

equipment 1℃ 2℃ 3C 4C O.T. final
Los Angeles Lakers twenty four twenty four 39 30 13 130
Los Angeles Clippers 37 twenty four twenty four 32 8 125

LeBron James He played 42 minutes, made 13 of 19 shots, scored 35 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. Anthony Davis Scored 27 points and 10 rebounds in 47 minutes D’Angelo Russell 27 points and 6 assists are his main support, and Austin Reeves He scored 15 points, 7 assists and 8 rebounds, and Christian Wood had a double-double off the bench with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

Considering the losses of Taurean Prince, Rui Hachimura and Gabe Vincent, youngster Max Christie played 22 minutes and scored 5 points, and Cam Reddish (8 points) had his first Started for the Lakers.

Complete match statistics

The Clippers have a great body Paul GeorgeAveraged 35 points on 11-16 per game, 6-9 from 3-point range: When he had to leave the game with his sixth foul at the start of overtime, the game seemed to be slipping out of Taylor’s hands. Kawhi Leonard He was the game’s top scorer with 38 points (11 on 5 3-pointers), although he had more on different streaks. Russell Westbrook He scored 24 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, and 4 steals. The team made only 6 turnovers out of 13.

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Los Angeles Lakers VS Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers, live broadcast


full time: Christian Wood defined the story with a two-pointer off an offensive rebound as the Lakers won 130-125.

1:48 – 124-122 Lakers: Now Leonard comes on the court and scores 2+1 after missing several open shots.

2:12 – 124-119 Lakers: The Clippers lost the ball again and the Lakers quickly went to the opponent to score. Paul George’s ouster seemed decisive.

3:37 – 122-119 Lakers: After the Clippers’ poor offense, Reeves scored 2+1 and the Purple and Gold team took control of the situation, but now there is no Paul George in front.

4:30 – 119-117 Clippers – Kawhi Leonard scored on the Clippers’ first possession, and on the Lakers’ first possession, LeBron James was ejected for a foul on Paul George.

last room

They’re going to overtime! D’Angelo Russell made two free throws, and Paul George caught Cam Reddish’s controversial foul and tied the score with three shots. The final pitch went to Russell, who missed the game-winning triple attempt. PG13 added 8 points in the last minute and now has 35 points. He entered overtime with five fouls.

24.1 seconds – 115-114 Lakers: Paul George missed a free throw on the 2+1 opportunity, but then he grabbed the rebound after Russell missed the shot and made a wonderful three-pointer, adding drama to the end of the game.

1:17 – 114-109 Lakers: Now there is Westbrook’s three-pointer, the third point in the game, which makes the Clippers still excited to continue fighting.

2:18 – 113-104 Lakers: Westbrook fumbled again in his sixth of the game, allowing two points to Anthony Davis on the other side. AD scored 5 points for the Lakers at the critical moment and reached 25 points in the game. Although there is still a long way to go before the game, his team’s victory seems to have begun to be assured.

5:00 – 108-100 Lakers: LeBron James hit a three-pointer from the corner, facing Ivica Zubac, with a hint of a dagger. The Lakers score almost every time they go to the Clippers, so no matter how much George defends them, Lue’s team can’t resist.

6:07 – 103-97 Lakers: Kawhi came back and scored on his first touch, but was unable to get involved again on the ensuing possession, and the Lakers kept adding pressure on the other end without fail.

7:32 – 100-95 Lakers: The Purple and Gold won with a multi-possession advantage for the first time in the game, punishing the Clippers with a 6-0 spurt. The Clippers were completely stuck in offensive trouble, unable to find a way to score in the half, and needed Kawhi Leonard to return. Back to the game now. In addition, Paul George and Zubac both reached their fifth fouls.

10:20 – 91-90 Clippers: Paul George missed his third three-point attempt of the quarter, but not before hitting a two-pointer to give the Los Angeles Clippers their advantage again.

the third quater

End of third quarter: Westbrook’s unexpected three-pointer from the right corner tied the score, but Reeves made two bold free throws in the last round. After scoring 39 points in a single quarter, the Lakers led 87-85. James, Davis and Russell scored over 60 points, and Wood and Reeves finally improved enough to make Davon Ham’s team excited about winning this game.

1:47 – 82-81 Clippers: Even without LeBron, the Lakers were able to attack the Clippers. Reeves’ debut in the game, coupled with Wood’s basic three-pointer, narrowed the point difference.

4:36 – 80-72 Clippers: The game is different and the Clippers aren’t going to get away easily because the Lakers’ defense is better (Cam Reddish was outstanding in this quarter) and they no longer give Kawhi Leonard’s team Free offense at a time when Kawhi Leonard’s team was already limited. In the free throw department, both sides need to improve if the game is close: the Clippers shot 11-19 and the Lakers shot 8-13.

8:04 – 72-63 Clippers: The Lakers responded in the game by being more clinical, moving the ball more and starting to find shots for Davis and Russell. The two’s scores are already close to LeBron’s. Currently, neither James nor Leonard takes center stage during this period. Zubac and Reeves both committed their fourth fouls, which is worth remembering.

10:13 – 70-54 Clippers: Westbrook’s 2+1 and Ty Lue’s team started to run away again, and in a game that continued to focus on dynamics, they felt more comfortable in the high-speed game than the erratic Lakers.

second bedroom

End of second quarter: Those 12 minutes finally brought things back to normal as LeBron continued to score, but Kawhi Leonard scored on the other end to keep the Clippers’ deficit alive. Kawhi has scored 22 goals in this game, while James has scored 17 goals, most of which were scored in the last few minutes of this quarter.

Davis and Reeves only scored 8 and 2 points respectively, but the Lakers needed more help entering the second half.

2:26 – 57-41 Clippers: Westbrook unexpectedly hit a three-pointer, bringing his personal score to 13 points. The point guard had a big game, was loaded with extra motivation, and got significant minutes while the Clippers awaited Harden and Mann. The Lakers made a lot of oversights and paid dearly for them.

5:24 – 48-39 Clippers: LeBron made a surprise appearance on the Clippers court after putting on his shoes that came off and scored two points with an impressive shot. This allowed the Lakers to narrow the score gap to single digits for the first time in a long time.

6:42 – 46-32 Clippers: The Lakers ran more, but they couldn’t make jump shots fall, and although the Clippers’ offense slowed down without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, a few baskets from Westbrook kept them in the game Easy lead.

10:20 – 41-28 Clippers: The Lakers seem to have adopted a different attitude during this period, becoming more aggressive defensively and offensively as they seek to take advantage of Kawhi Leonard’s absence.

the first season

End of first quarter: The Clippers won 37-24 by a wide margin, but it might have been even bigger if the Lakers hadn’t hit two three-pointers in their last two possessions. Up until that point, the Lakers had scored as many points as the unstoppable Kawhi Leonard, who barely missed a shot, and they had suffered a lot (5) while LeBron and Reeves were There was little impact in terms of game creation.

2:54 – 29-18 Clippers: The Clippers’ advantage reached double digits, and they extended it through Kawhi and Paul George in the final possession, which left the Lakers still unable to score on the bench.

4:07 – 25-14 Clippers: At the end of the timeout, the Clippers defeated the Lakers 6-0, and LeBron and Reeves scored their first goals of the game. Ty Lue’s team does a good job of using space on offense to avoid confronting Davis too much, and they continue to add offense.

6:32 – 19-14 Clippers: The first break of the game didn’t come until now, with the Lakers requesting a timeout where they would try to regroup themselves in an attempt to stop Kawhi Leonard. The Clippers player has scored 3 three-pointers and scored 13 of the team’s 19 points. In the Lakers, AD is the protagonist, and he has signed two blocks.

The game begins!

The two Los Angeles teams meet for the first time in the 2023-2024 season: The Lakers will face the Clippers in the first of four nights of the regular season.

The Lakers have several injuries tonight: Gabe Vincent, Rui Hachimura and Jared Vanderbilt will be out in the rotation. Terrence Mann will not join the Clippers.

The Clippers won all four regular-season games against the Lakers last season, always by six points or more.

The historical record between the Lakers and Clippers is that the Purple and Gold Army wins 150-85, although the Clippers have won the last 11 meetings.

Taurean Prince appears to be a last-minute loss for the Lakers: He was slated to start, but injured his knee in the previous warmup, and Cam Reddish will replace him in the starting five.

Lakers vs. Lakers starting five scissors

Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers
D’Angelo Russell Russell Westbrook
Austin Reeves Bone Hyland
Cam Red Paul George
LeBron James Kawhi Leonard
Anthony Davis Ivica Zubac

How to watch Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers game?Schedules, TV channels and online streaming

  • stadium: Los Angeles Staples Center
  • Hour: 20:00 CDMX, 22:00 ET, 23:00 ARG and 3:00 ESP
  • TV channel: ESPN (Latin America and the United States)
  • stream media: NBA League Pass (Global), SlingTV (US), Star+ (Latin America)

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