Mª José Galiana and Mónica Nieto: “Now is the best time for nurses to review vaccination plans”

Mª José Galiana and Mónica Nieto: “Now is the best time for nurses to review vaccination plans”Komul

this Vaccination It saves lives, so having adequate and accurate information about the vaccine is vital.To learn more about Vaccine details This can prevent us from getting serious diseases that we may not know we should be vaccinated against, such as pneumococciwe talk to the nurse Monica Eva Nieto Benito (Pediatric Nursing Professional Nurse, El Ranero Health Center, responsible for vaccinations) and maria josé galiana (Nurse Specialist in Home and Community Nursing and Director of Nursing at Barrio del Carmen Health Center).

What is pneumococcus?

Mijig Instead of talking about pneumococci, we should talk about pneumococcal diseasewhich may include many different types of infections.Most pneumococcal infections are mild, but some can be fatal.In severe disease, we find meningitisthis bacteremia waves pneumoniain less serious but more common diseases, sinusitis waves otitis media.

Who can get the pneumococcal vaccine? Why is vaccination recommended?

Mijig Current vaccination regimens against pneumococcal Ministry of Health of the Region of Murcia Several situations are established.On the one hand, the purpose of vaccination is to Persons aged 65 and over so that they can receive a single dose of pneumococcal 20 vaccine.On the other hand, all these people must also be vaccinated Between 65 and 80 years old Get vaccinated even if you have not been vaccinated before.

Also, get vaccinated 18 years and over included in risk group Examples: chronic cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease (including asthma and cystic fibrosis), diabetes, celiac disease, chronic non-cirrhotic liver disease, cirrhosis and chronic alcoholism, neurological and neuromuscular diseases, cerebrospinal fluid fistulas and cochlear implants ( or pending one) ), confirmed history of invasive pneumococcal disease, confirmed lung pathology following COVID-19 infection, and institutionalized individuals.

Children also receive appropriate doses of pneumococcal vaccine according to the vaccination schedule, right?

MENB In our area, March 1, 2015 pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, three doses of the vaccine are given in the first year of life (2, 4 and 11 months). Also included is pneumococcal vaccine for high-risk children.

Vaccination schedules vary depending on the borough you live in. How are we doing in the Murcia region?

MENB Even though we try to make them as homogeneous as possible each time, they are different. Starting from 2019, life calendarcovering vaccination Prenatal to adult stages.In the region of Murcia we are pioneers in vaccination campaigns, such as influenza Intranasalperformed from the age of two.

Infants will receive the Bexsero vaccine free of charge.

Launched last year, the project has intensified its efforts and expanded its coverage this year as its management scope is three and four year olds at their school, with prior consent from the family. Last September, we also began immunizing newborns, children under six months of age and high-risk pediatric patients against the virus. virtual reality system (respiratory syncytial virus) to reduce bronchiolitis infections, a campaign that will run until March 2024.

We can consider in our autonomous region Betting on a vaccine plan; We are pioneers at the national level. The ultimate goal should be to arrive at a single national calendar that is fair to all communities.

What other vaccines have been given over the past few months?

MENB Currently, we are actively conducting seasonal virus vaccination campaigns Flu and COVID-19 vaccines. Additionally, now is the perfect time for us nurses to review vaccination plans and be able to provide the pneumococcal vaccine to those who need it.

We also actively carry out opposition campaigns herpes zoster virusfor people born in 1958 and those who have had it twice or more, as well as people over 50 who are treated with immunosuppressants or immunomodulators.

herpes zoster virus

At the health center where you work, there are a lot of community events going on, some of which are about vaccines?

Mijig he barrio del carmen health center Very active at the community level, we strongly believe that prevention and health promotion are the main goals of primary care because we have to be where the population is, which is why we go to schools and senior centers. Explain the vaccination campaign and address any questions you may have.This year we participated olfadin project of School flu vaccination.

MENB inside El Ranero Health Center To inform the population, different strategies have been launched, including providing access to seasonal influenza vaccination and recruiting target or risk groups. The senior center also provides community activities such as lectures to empower people.

You, María José Galiana, are very active on social networks, (@galiana_enfermera on Instagram) Do you think there is good care communication through these media?

Mijig I think there are many health professionals doing great health communication on social networks. I contribute my grain of sand by making visible the work that nurses do every day. I enjoy networking with other colleagues, which allows me to stay up to date and meet professionals with the same interests, such as @luciamipediatra @lovenursingmery @pediatribu and many more.

Vaccinations save lives, and nurses have a responsibility to provide factual information about health, dispel myths, and reach the public.

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