Lamborghini, the Wolf of Wall Street’s car is up for sale!

The Lamborghini used in The Wolf of Wall Street is on sale. The auction will take place in New York on December 8th.

Lamborghini, the Wolf of Wall Street's car is up for sale!
Photo by R. M. Sotheby’s

famous movie The wolf of Wall Streetdirected by Martin Scorsese became one of the director’s major commercial successes. It grossed approximately $392 million at the worldwide box office, becoming the 17th theatrical release of 2013.

Despite five Oscar nominations, the film did not win the prestigious statuette. However, even after some time has passed, the film still retains great popularity, as well as Lamborghini Countach 25 years since 1989 which attracted everyone’s attention during the shooting and which today on sale.

Lamborghini from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street: price

Lamborghini, the Wolf of Wall Street's car is up for sale!
Photo by R. M. Sotheby’s

Lamborghini White Countach polo over white is an iconic car, and according to the plot of the film symbolizes the final purchase for the character of Jordan Belfort, the financial “Wolf” played by DiCaprio. It is believed that they were produced only 12 examples with this specificationmaking it a particularly rare version and a coveted one for collectors.

Next December 8one of these copies will be exhibitedauction in New Yorkand is expected to reach youn value between $1,500,000 and $2,000,000 (approximately EUR 1.4–1.8 million at current exchange rates). A unique opportunity for lovers of vintage cars and those who want to become the owner of a piece of luxurious cinematic history.

What car will be sold?

In The Wolf of Wall Street, director Scorsese used two 25th anniversary Lamborghini Countachs, both configured the same way. One of the two cars was used for the film’s most memorable scene, in which Leonardo DiCaprio drives while intoxicated on an overnight drive. In this scene, the Countach was actually damaged and remains so to this day.

However, the copy, which will be auctioned in New York this December, frame KLA12722, was not harmed during the filming of the film. So, unlike the other example used for the crash scene, this Countach is presented in pristine and original condition. This will be a unique opportunity for collectors and fans of classic cars to own an iconic piece of cinematic history in pristine condition.

It will be an auction full of enthusiasts

The auction, scheduled for December 8, will take place in the prestigious Sotheby’s global headquarters in New Yorkon occasion weeks of luxury. During this fourth sales edition, hosted by the company in the Big Apple, the avant-garde of automotive design will be celebrated.

Iconic supercars will be up for auction, including the 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach, which featured scenes from Leonardo DiCaprio in the acclaimed film The Wolf of Wall Street.

In addition to Lamborghini, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to purchase other supercars equally respected and coveted brands around the world. This will be an exclusive event that will arouse great interest among collectors and lovers of luxury cars.

Lamborghini, Wolf of Wall Street car for sale: photos and images

For sale is a Lamborghini from The Wolf of Wall Street movie and it will certainly please car enthusiasts, even if, of course, the price is not for everyone. Let’s take a look at it in detail in our image gallery.

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