Largest gastroenteritis outbreak affects 10% of Spain’s population

As of this Friday, 484 cases have been reported in the gastroenteritis outbreak in Tarazona (Zaragoza). Clinically, the patient’s condition is mild, with diarrhea and, in special cases, vomiting and fever.

This is Spain’s largest gastroenteritis outbreak, with cases accounting for 55% of those affected by the disease nationwide in 2022.

“Cryptosporidium” is the causative agent of a gastroenteritis outbreak that broke out in the city of Turiazon over the weekend of September 9-10 and has spread to these three towns.

This protozoa is found in aquatic environments in the form of egg cysts and is difficult to detect due to its size of between three and six microns. Residents of Tarazona have not been able to use oral water to drink or brush their teeth since September 11 and must boil the water for at least 10 minutes before cooking.

The restriction will apply to three other locations from Thursday, September 21, after protozoa were detected in the Quailes River.

They focus on finding focus

The mayor of Tarazona (Zaragoza), Pedro Antonio Jarre, stressed that the city council’s current priority is to focus on finding the source of the aquatic protozoan “Cryptosporidium” that is responsible for the outbreak of gastroenteritis in Aragon.

Jarre stated this during an ordinary plenary meeting this Wednesday, in which the issue of gastroenteritis outbreaks was addressed, among the most important. The event also coincided with the first day in two weeks that no new infections were recorded.

The mayor used the opportunity of the plenary meeting to address the concerns of some residents and to detail the evolution of the epidemic, from the initial analysis to cooperation with the Aragonese government, as well as the actions taken by the City Council since attending the confirmation in the water Presence of the protozoan “Cryptosporidium”.

Providing 10,000 liters of drinking water to those affected

Starting this Saturday, the Aragonese government, through the General Directorate of Interior and Emergency Situations, will distribute ten water tanks, one each to the municipalities of Zaragoza in Torreras, Los Fayos, Novaras and Tarazona. Water tank capacity is 1000 liters.

Specifically, the towns of Torreras, Los Fayos and Novaras will require one tank each, and Tarazona will require seven tanks, taking into account the number of inhabitants in each city. Water tanks will be replenished based on neighbor needs.

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