Learn to Avoid and Treat Possible Colds in Pets

Dogs and cats, just like you, can get sick easily in cold temperatures, so some care and treatment is worth considering.

No matter what time of day we are, dogs love to play in the streets. But did you know that dogs get colds just like people? Now that the temperature is dropping and the rain is coming, we must be extra careful about pet colds and colds.

For the same reason, SuperZoo.cl veterinarian Giovanna Repetti gives the following home tips for avoiding and treating the flu.

vaccine: The KC vaccine helps reduce the clinical symptoms of canine tracheobronchitis, or “kennel cough,” as it’s commonly known; veterinarians say it’s therefore recommended annually. For kittens, it is recommended to vaccinate the cat triple vaccine.

Protect them from the cold: If your pet lives outside, it’s important that it has a covered and sheltered area from the cold and rain.

Wipe it dry if it gets wet: If you have a rainy day and your pet gets wet on a walk, make sure to dry it off when you get home to keep its fur from getting wet.

Avoid bathing them on cold days: If bathing pets, as guardians we have to make sure they don’t get cold, so we have to be careful of drafts and sudden changes in temperature.

Avoid contact with sick pets: As with humans, “colds” are spread through secretions, so it’s important to limit contact with other sick puppies or kittens.

Boost your immune system: The best way to have a good immune system is to
A balanced and high-quality diet, in addition to lowering stress and anxiety levels.
Not to mention that your pet must be dewormed both internally and externally.

Prompt Veterinary Consultation: Always see your primary veterinarian if your pet shows any signs of a cold, even a mild one, as a simple “cold” can complicate the condition, especially in patients with or with chronic illnesses .
People with weakened immune systems, such as puppies or elderly pets.

Give them plenty of water: If your pet is already sick, “drinking water is important because it helps thin the mucus so our pet will be able to breathe better, and if they have a fever, drinking water will help us avoid dehydration and improve his health . “Conditions,” Repetti explained.

give the dog or cat a rest: When our pets are sick, they don’t want to do anything. They only think about sleep, but it’s important because rest will help their immune system fight disease.

Humidify the environment when crowded: When they take a hot shower at home, take them into the bathroom, as the steam helps to dilute and better drain nasal secretions.

Place the damp cloth on the visible area of ​​the skin: To bring down a fever, putting a damp cloth on the abdominal area helps a lot.

The experts concluded by emphasizing the importance of consulting your veterinarian about products that can help us relieve flu discomfort, reduce flu discomfort, and prevent flu from occurring.

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