LeBron James goes to ‘party’ with James Harden by his side

Los Angeles put on big smiles on another great NBA night. The Lakers performed well on the Pistons court and outplayed their opponents. The Clippers, who have as much backbone as the current Sacramento Kings, took a big step in their development by defeating the Clippers from California’s capital with a stellar performance from James Harden.

This is the whole story. “Brothers” from the west coast went to the party. In his 21st season, LeBron James has no intention of stepping aside. Determined to prove that he will continue to be the King until the day he is gone, he finished with 25 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists in just 29 minutes last night. With his performance, Anthony Davis scored 28 points and leading scorer D’Angelo Russell scored 35 points. The Lakers expanded their record to 11 wins and 8 losses, just one step away from sixth place in the Western Conference. ; In other words, there is still one breath left before the playoffs.

If the players in gold and purple took a step forward, the Clippers took an almost unexpected leap directly. Obviously, they have to improve as the game goes on, but they’re not thought to be able to attack a tough team like the Sacramento Kings with authority right now. But that’s how it happened. Harden scored 26 points, 6 assists and 5 steals, and Kawhi Leonard scored 34 points and 9 rebounds in a 117-131 victory. Although they are still in the negative (8-9), Tyronn Lue’s team is already looking to the future with the optimism that comes with such a win.

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