10 tips to avoid draining your phone’s battery

Although batteries are essential, Its duration is limited, Over time, its ability to retain energy decreases.

maximize The battery life of your smartphone deviceit is important to be aware of certain practices that may accelerate its deterioration.

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There are some very everyday operations that are most harmful to your device’s battery. But luckily, there are a range of practical tips on how to avoid them.. With proper care, you can optimize your battery’s performance and ensure greater durability over time.

Tips for taking care of your phone battery

Adjust screen brightness

The screen is the biggest energy consumer in your phone. It is recommended to keep the brightness as low as possible without sacrificing visibility. On devices with Amoled displays, activating Dark Mode consumes less power than Light Mode.

Manage energy functions

Certain features such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G/5G networks can drain battery power quickly. Turning these features off when not in use will go a long way toward saving energy.

Avoid full download

Allowing the battery to completely discharge may be harmful. It is recommended to charge when the battery is 20% to 80% to extend its service life.

Use original charger

Using a non-original charger may damage the battery. Be sure to use only original or manufacturer-certified chargers.

Do not use your phone while charging

Using your phone while charging may affect the battery. It is recommended to avoid this practice and, if necessary, limit usage for intensive applications.

Avoid hot environments

High temperatures can damage batteries. Protecting your phone from hot places, such as leaving it in a car during the summer, will help its long-term health.

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Update software

Software updates often improve energy efficiency. Keeping your software updated is key to optimizing your phone’s performance.

Uninstall unnecessary applications

Unused apps consume battery in the background. Uninstalling unnecessary programs will help save battery.

Optimize settings

Changing settings, such as turning off push notifications and reducing the screen refresh rate, will help save battery life.

Consider replacing the battery

If despite following these tips, battery life is still unsatisfactory, consider replacing the battery. Most mobile phones allow you to replace the battery yourself or have the battery replaced by technical service.

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