UN warns of possible outbreak of hepatitis, other infections in Gaza

GENEVA, Nov 30 (EFE) – Humanitarian aid has increased in the Palestinian Gaza Strip and a temporary ceasefire has been largely achieved after a six-day truce, but the United Nations has warned about the health situation in the area amid an outbreak. COVID-19 epidemic. Hepatitis and other infections have been reported.

A daily report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs acknowledged that poor sanitary conditions and overcrowding in United Nations reception centers, home to some 946,000 people, increased the incidence of respiratory and skin diseases, as well as diarrhea and lice.

The report also noted that despite the ceasefire agreement allowing the release of Israeli and other hostages as well as Palestinian prisoners, drinking water remains unavailable in northern Gaza, which could increase epidemic outbreaks and cases of dehydration.

A convoy carrying humanitarian aid arrived in Israeli-occupied northern Gaza on 29 November, delivering humanitarian aid, including for two of the few hospitals still operating in the northern half (Ahli Hospital and Ahli Hospital). As Sahaba.

The report noted that two other hospital centers where violent fighting took place on consecutive days – Shifa Hospital and Indonesian Hospital – have reopened dialysis units.

The armistice allowed bodies to be recovered from the rubble, and according to the United Nations, some 160 bodies were removed on November 27 and 28.

Despite the near-complete cessation of hostilities, reports indicate that Israeli warships opened fire on the southern Gaza coast, apparently causing no casualties.

There were also reports, especially in the first days of the truce, that Israeli forces shot at Palestinians trying to cross from southern Gaza to the north, which was prohibited by the occupying forces.

The United Nations said the clashes, which took place mainly on November 24, 25 and 26, resulted in “a certain number of victims” but did not specify the number.

The United Nations recalled that the conflict resulted in the internal displacement of 1.8 million people (nearly 80% of Gaza’s population), more than 46,000 homes were destroyed, and another 234,000 homes were damaged, accounting for 60% of the residential land in the Gaza Strip.Effie


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