LeBron James heads into his 21st season with excitement

LeBron JamesStar Los Angeles Lakersmade a touching statement during Monday’s meeting NBA Media Dayopened the road to the best basketball league preseason.

King reveals he will dedicate his 21st season to NBA to his son brownieTwo months ago, he suffered a cardiac arrest during training at the University of Southern California (USC).

The tragic incident shocked the James family, and as a result, LeBron has a new commitment on and off the court, which is why he will dedicate this season to his recovering son Bronny.

“Bronny’s doing really well,” LeBron James said with a smile on his face. “He has begun the recovery process and will return to the field this season with his teammates and USC.”

LeBron James looks happy at media day

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LeBron James He expressed optimism about his firstborn’s recovery as he assured he was doing well so no one would believe he suffered a cardiac arrest: “If he walked in the door now, you wouldn’t even know what happened to him.”

This family experience inspired LeBron James Continuing to pursue his passion for basketball: “I feel like I have a lot more to give. I don’t have to do a lot.”

This is how LeBron James faces his 21st season in the NBA

Season 21 LeBron James In the NBA, the basketball legend knows that at his age, his size plays a key role.

That’s why he prepares in a special way, said Los Angeles Lakers vice president of basketball operations and general manager Rob Pelinka.

“He’s getting ready like a rookie. He starts working out at six in the morning. He’s probably in our building as much as any other player this offseason. He’s in the weight room as much as anybody. On LeBron His work has set the tone for any team he’s played for,” the manager said of the job done by his biggest star.

The Kings are getting everything ready for Game 21 in the best league on the planet.

Pelinka says they must surround lebron Desire to win an NBA championship ring. “We must work with lebron Help him finish the season healthy, because that’s his goal. That’s why I think adding our depth, versatility, shooting ability, all of those things are going to help us achieve that goal,” he said.

Coach Davon Hamm added his insight: “He’s done a great job of taking care of himself. Now the team around him, the players we have, those guys are going to step up and do a lot of the heavy lifting right away.”

LeBron JamesThe 38-year-old is in great form, playing interesting minutes in every game and remains a key figure in the team. Last season, he averaged 35.5 minutes per game and 28.9 points per game; he shot 50% from the field, 8.3 rebounds and 6.8 assists.

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