LeBron James praises Michael Jordan…and it applies to him too

The careers and lives of LeBron James and Michael Jordan have intersected many times. Their names are always at the top of lists of all-time greats, an honor that is due to their outstanding basketball talent and ability to perform at the highest level for a long time.

If you talk about longevity in the NBA, you have to talk about LeBron. His all-time scoring record is largely due to his increasing scoring numbers over his 20-plus seasons in the NBA. Even though we’re not talking about the same numbers, the same thing could be said about Michael Jordan.

After two retirements and a corresponding return to the NBA, MJ23 signed with the Washington Wizards. A far cry from the days when he shocked the NBA with the Bulls, Jordan averaged 22.9 points and 22 points per game in his two seasons in the Capitals, which is good considering he signed with the Bulls with a 38-40 record. The numbers are even more striking. Year.

This all happened 21 years ago, and recently some of LeBron James’ verses dedicated to Jordan were exposed, and there was no waste. “A 38-year-old player averaging over 25 points per game? I congratulate him more than anyone right now.”LeBron, an 18-year-old boy, wrote about Jordan.

It was as if LeBron saw the future because he himself was doing the things he admired so much in Jordan.arrive James, who is about to turn 39, averages more than 27 points per game. This number is very admirable and he himself would have certainly signed it during his tenure at the institute.

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