Live update: Israel and Hamas announce they have reached an agreement to extend the truce minutes before its end

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – International efforts continue to extend the truce between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, which ends Thursday morning at seven local time (8 o’clock Mecca time). the latest developments:

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– According to a statement released by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, Israel has received a new list of names of women and children hostages expected to be released by Hamas.

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The Hamas movement confirmed the extension of the truce with Israel, saying in a statement: “It has been agreed to extend the truce until the seventh day, i.e. Thursday.”

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The Israeli military said Thursday that the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas has been extended for a seventh day and, in light of the mediators’ efforts to continue the hostage release process in accordance with the terms of the agreement, the truce will continue and the Israeli army spokesman wrote to the Arab media: Avijaa Adraei In a post on his page on

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday the extension for a seventh day of the temporary truce agreement between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, explaining that the agreement is on the same conditions.

The extension of the temporary truce between Hamas and Israel on Thursday morning is the second extension of the initial 4-day truce since Friday, and led to the return of 70 Israeli hostages and the release of three dual Israeli citizens and twenty-four foreign citizens , in exchange for the release of 210 Palestinian Israelis from prisons.

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Hamas accused Israel of faltering talks on extending the truce, according to a statement released by the movement, which said Israel had rejected an offer to take in 7 detained women and children and the bodies of 3 others, according to which they were killed in the Israeli camp. bombings in exchange for the extension of the truce.

On Thursday, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades (the military wing of the Hamas movement) issued a statement ordering their fighters to maintain a state of high combat readiness in the final hours of the truce with Israel if it does not come renewed.

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– An Israeli official told CNN that the war cabinet met late Wednesday night as talks continued on a truce with Hamas.

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– US administration officials are discussing with their Israeli counterparts how to protect thousands of civilians who have fled to southern Gaza if the IDF targets the area after the cessation of hostilities with Hamas, according to US sources.

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