LeBron James shows excitement as Browns defense becomes one of NFL’s elite

Despite now being a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James hasn’t forgotten his Cleveland roots. Recently, James expressed his hype for his hometown NFL team, the Cleveland Browns, on social media. Clearly, the Browns are now the best defensive team in the league after beating the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 24th.

LeBron James was ecstatic and sent flowers to the Cleveland Browns on his Instagram Story.

“The court was full of dogs! We let our O’s flow out,” James wrote.

James’ Instagram Story

LeBron James once played football

james high school football

LeBron James is widely considered one of the greatest players in NBA history, but his history in football is less well-known. Before he became a basketball prodigy, James displayed extraordinary talent as a football player early in his life, displaying skills on the football field that were as astonishing as those he would later display on the hardwood.

James’ football talent is undeniable. He possesses the size, speed and athleticism to make him a force to be reckoned with on the football field. Along with his flourishing basketball career, he continued to play football at St. Vincent-St. Marie High School in Akron. As a wide receiver, he showed incredible catching ability and route running skills.

James is so good at football that some believe he has a future in the NFL. As a sophomore, he earned All-Ohio honors as a wide receiver, and scouts from top colleges and universities took notice of his football prowess.

However, as his basketball career continued to rise, he faced a crucial decision. With a college basketball scholarship on the table, he ultimately chose the hardwood over the gridiron. James’ decision paid off as he became a basketball star, winning NBA Rookie of the Year honors in 2004 while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and eventually winning multiple NBA championships.

While LeBron James may never have pursued a professional football career, his early experiences on the football field certainly provided him with incredible athleticism and versatility as a basketball player. The football background remains an intriguing chapter in the story of one of the greatest athletes in sports history.

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