LeBron James surpasses Jordan to set NBA record

LeBron James The Los Angeles Lakers just set a record with a 116-104 victory over the Brooklyn Nets in one of the NBA’s most intriguing games on Sunday.

Both teams are seeking spots in the NBA Play-In Tournament. Currently, the Lakers have reached this stage, but they can still improve their rankings, replace the Kings, Suns, and Pelicans, and directly enter the first round of the playoffs.

The Nets need to narrow the gap with the Hawks to hope to avoid relegation in the NBA preseason.

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List of players who scored more than 30 points

This time, LeBron James set a record for the most games scoring more than 30 points, leaving two NBA legends behind.

# player +30 points game
1 LeBron James Chapter 672
2 Michael Jordan Chapter 671
3 Wilt Chamberlain Chapter 557
*Data as of March 31, 2024

How many points did LeBron James score in Brooklyn vs. Lakers?

LeBron James scored 40 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and dished out 5 assists in a very important game for the Los Angeles Five.The accomplished player Current activity 40,000 points.

LeBron James Lakers Los Angeles MBA
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LeBron James is the highest-paid athlete (non-football player)
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