Sitting on public toilets or cold seats causes urine infections: myth or reality?

The idea that sitting in public bathrooms or on cold seats can cause urinary tract infections has been a subject of debate.. Many people, especially women, once diagnosed with a UTI, often think of both of these as possible causes.

However, is there any scientific basis behind this belief? Dr. Lucía Galán Bertrand solved this question by sharing an explanation video with more than 200,000 followers on her Tiktok profile (@luciamipediatra)

Myth or reality?

“Sitting on a public restroom is not recommended,” the doctor said. “but, Most urine infections are caused by a type of bacteria called E. coli. Found in feces.

Antioxidant 'superfood' to prevent urine infectionsAntioxidant 'superfood' to prevent urine infections

Garland points out that many times, contamination is caused by bacteria in the perianal area that travel through the vaginal area and reach the urethra.

Why do infections occur mostly in girls?

As Garland explains, The anus and urethra are closer together in girls (measured in centimeters). In boys, bacteria in the perianal area must travel further: through the scrotum, testicles, penis, urethra (which is much longer than in girls), and finally to the bladder, where the bacteria are established. .

Furthermore, on many occasions Girls don’t clean themselves properly. Instead of cleaning from front to back, they clean from back to front, dragging all the bacteria from the perianal area to the urethral area where they can cause infection.

that’s why It is important to wipe from front to back when wiping your baby When they grow up, they should learn to clean themselves properly.

What is E. coli?

this E. coli is a group of bacteria They live naturally in the intestines of humans and some animals., does not cause disease.However, some types of E. coli are harmful to humans and can due to consumption of contaminated foodcausing gastroenteritis with severe diarrhea or urinary tract infection.

this Characteristic symptoms of urinary tract infection Symptoms caused by this bacteria include pain or burning during urination, cloudy urine, a strong odor, and a feeling of heaviness in the bladder.

To combat this bacteria, in the case of urinary tract infection caused by E. coli, Treatment involves the use of antibiotics, such as cephalosporins, levofloxacin and ampicillin. In some cases, doctors may request an antimicrobial spectrum to determine the bacteria’s susceptibility to certain antibiotics so they can choose the most effective treatment.

prevent pollution E. coli In by:

  • Wash your hands after using the bathroom.
  • Always wash your hands before eating.
  • Wash your hands before and after preparing meals.
  • Wash raw foods such as lettuce and tomatoes thoroughly.
  • Do not swallow water from swimming pools, rivers or beaches.
Hand washing is the best prevention | Pixar

if E. coli If it causes severe diarrhea accompanied by blood in the stool, your doctor may prescribe painkillers such as oral rehydration salts (ORS) and paracetamol, which are available at the pharmacy.

It is important during treatment of infection E. coli This person has a Feed light food, In addition, priority should be given to eating fruits and vegetables Drink more water Helps eliminate bacteria in the case of urinary tract infections and helps prevent dehydration in the case of intestinal infections.

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