LeBron James vents anger at Henry Blackburn after Travis Hunter hospitalized after horrific tackle

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James is a huge football fan. James has always been fascinated by the football field, from playing the sport in high school to watching it during his NBA career.since Deion Sanders take over Colorado Buffaloes head coachThe Lakers star is one of the many athletes who has praised “Coach Prime” for his role in the resurgent franchise.

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LeBron James There were even fans who supported Sanders in his cross-state clash against the Colorado State Rams. When cornerback Travis Hunter took a serious challenge that resulted in his hospitalization, the NBA star reacted enthusiastically.

LeBron James expresses anger


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The game between the Colorado Buffaloes and Colorado State Rams was tense. But as emotions ran high, everyone shouted in shock when Henry Blackburn accused Travis Hunter. Blackburn’s tackle surprised the fans in the stadium, while the brutal impact surprised Hunter, who was running at full speed. This resulted in serious injuries requiring emergency medical attention.

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LeBron didn’t hold back, reacting to the incident on X (formerly Twitter). He said in the post, which currently has over 11 million views: “It’s like I don’t understand the difference between targeting and what I just witnessed. I’ve seen others get kicked out for less money. To me, this is blatant and unnecessary!” This openly showed his anger at Henry Blackburn’s tackle.

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LeBron James’ comments sparked a much-needed discussion about player safety and official impartiality in college football. He expressed disapproval of the fair application of targeting regulations.Many fans and commentators agreed with the Lakers star that Hunter’s tackle was “openly” and “no need.”


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What Hunter’s injury means for Bulls

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Travis Hunter is Buffalo’s number one offensive and defensive weapon, so his injury is a huge blow to the team. But they persevered and won 43-35. After the game, head coach Deion Sanders said: “I know Travis like a book. He may want to miss two weeks. But we have to make sure…his health is more important than this game.


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Hunter will miss at least three weeks due to a broken rib that led to a lacerated liver. This puts a lot of pressure on the team for its next game against Oregon. With one of their most important players out, does this mean the Scalpers’ unstoppable train will finally derail? Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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