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Click Leni Klum along with his brother, Nathan Falco Briatore, definitely conquered Instagram: users – Italians and non-Italians – commented on the photo and put the classic “like”, also intrigued by the question. “We are similar?” asked Klum, the daughter of a supermodel. Heidi and from Flavio Briatorenever recognised, but with whom he has recently rekindled relations, so much so that they spend several vacations together.

Leni Klum and Nathan Falco Briatore, Instagram photo

Summer 2023 will definitely be special for Leni Klum and Nathan Falco Briatore, who are spending the holidays with their father Flavio. The latter is very proud that the family is united. After all, his seniorborn from bonding with a supermodel Heidi Klum is a wonderful girl who is only 19 years old. In his future, however, the path is already the same as that of his mother, and this decision is not at all surprising, given the delicacy of her features.

On Instagram, Leni shared a very cute picture with her brother Nathan Falco Briatore. “We are similar?” he asked his followers, who number nearly 2 million. The picture attracted the attention of many, including Elisabetta Gregoracci. mother is proud that her son smiles with his sister. And there are those who are sure in the comments that it was she who encouraged Briatore to restore relations with her daughter.

Flavio Briatore on vacation with children Nathan Falco and Leni Klum

Even before the photo of Leni Klum and Nathan Falco Briatore, Papa Flavio shared a picture on Instagram during a picnic. Briatore and Klum said goodbye in 2004 when she was pregnant with Leni. Then just the supermodel started a new relationship with the singer Seal. For respect Briatore did not recognize his eldest daughter, but the reports are currently more than excellent. In fact, already in the summer of 2022, Leni spent part of her vacation with her father Flavio and even with Elisabetta Gregoracci.

The photos posted on Instagram also received the approval not only of Gregoracci herself, but also of another former entrepreneurial historian, namely Naomi Campbell, with whom Briatore had an affair from 1998 to 2003. RepublicBriatore had a long discussion about his relationship with Leni, as well as the connection between his daughter and Nathan.

“And not only Incredibly beautifulBut strong AND independent, enthusiastic about life, although I have no credit for this, and I thank Heidi for raising her. Our friend has a problem with distances, because he lives in Los Angeles. (…) I don’t have such “everyday” relations with her as with Falco, this is logical. But that doesn’t mean I love her less.”

Of course, too Nathan is happy that his sister is around. By the way, he already knew that he had a sister. “Now kids go to Google and find out everything. But he never told me about it, probably out of shame. He was waiting for me to do it, but they follow each other on Instagram. They did everything earlier and better than us adults.” And now, looking at the photo, they are a complete family. Without shadows.

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