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17 Oct 2023

Swiss startup ID Genève, which makes luxury fashion from recycled materials, is raising money from investors, while American actor Leonardo DiCaprio is providing a springboard for exploring sustainable manufacturing processes.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Patricia de Melo Moreira / AFP / Archives

This startup, founded in 2020 by two people in their thirties, is worth 2 million Swiss francs (2.1 million euros) as part of a tour of the table, which is also included by Swiss investors, especially on Tuesday in the community. “Two million is not pretty in the watch industry,” said Nicholas Freudiger, one of the co-founders of the AFP service.

Moreover, since this micro-enterprise is allowed, it is necessary to have 7 employees at once, who are co-founders, to conduct research on materials and increase production. And the presence of the American actor, in my opinion, as investors allows him to “collect years of development” if he is happy, in the hope that he will bring the price to the red carpet.

ID Genève produces jewelry from recycled or recyclable materials, which are also suitable for making boxes, bracelets and jewelry packaging. For these movements (the font fragments presented here function in les montres), the startup uses unique items from unsold montres de grand luxe, qui seraient sinon détruits, puis les démonte, les lave, les remonte pour les remettre in circulation in its collections.

These bottles are made from high quality 100% recycled steel to recycle waste from forty years of work in Jura, not only with watchmakers, but also with manufacturers of medical materials such as scalpels, without subjecting them to the best of denials.

To reduce the energy consumption of melting the acid, the startup began testing in four solariums in Mont-Louis, in the Pyrenees, where temperatures could rise by more than 3,000 degrees thanks to the sun’s rays captured by large convex mirrors.

“On veut reconcilier le luxe avec les attentive to the notre generation,” explains M. Freudiger, “qui veut se distinguishes the great brands de luxe traditionalnelles, which emphasize “exclusivity” and “les matériaux rares.”

“Nous, nous parlans de déchets qu’on valorise dans un monde circulaire et que ce chet est considéré au même niveau que de la matière première neuve”, confirm ce trentière, qui voit les déchetteries comme “les incubateurs des start-ups de main “”.

Tests in four tanning beds are available for a series of 300 pieces. The brand, which sells for between 3,500 and 5,000 francs, expects to reach 600 models in 2023.

Zurich, October 17, 2023 (AFP)

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