“We” in the title of his new album “Dedicato a noi”, which will be released on Friday? In my first album, Non è tempo per noi, I used it to convey the feeling of leaving the game. Even today I feel out of fashion and out of place, like many others, but I also believe in the need for everyone to be on the same side to counter the distortions of time.” Ligabue said this in an interview with Quotidiano Nazionale. During the 2000 tour, his son Lorenzo Lenni wandered around his father’s dressing room for the first time. Now this child, now twenty-five years old, is the titular drummer of this album… “It was not my choice, but Barbacci’s (producer, ed.) choice. He told me that he thought Lenny was the right choice for the album, on the one hand satisfying my fatherly pride, but making me a little nervous. In the end everything went well. This album took us a long time to create, and all the time we spent together allowed Lenny to get to know me better from a professional point of view, which I think was reflected in our father-son relationship. I couldn’t ask for more.” Moreover, he says about his producer: “I needed a sound in which I could recognize myself, and Barbacci gave it to me. A guitar album at a time when guitars on records weren’t getting much success. So, let’s just say the album is stubbornly building on the sound that we like.” At the center of the song is Rome. The song is timeless… “I can’t help but love this country. And what anchors me is beauty. My daughter Linda’s boyfriend (every family name starts with L because Grandpa Marcello, a partisan, was convinced that this letter brought good luck, ed.) is from Baltimore, and I’m very happy to take him with me to open the most interesting thing for yourself. beautiful city in the world. And despite all its dysfunctions, Rome remains one of the timeless cities in limbo.” San Remo? “Sometimes I come back because last time I tried to play the self-irony card, but “I didn’t express myself in the best possible way.” In an effort to make me smile by laughing at myself, the writers and I created a joke similar to the one Will Smith played a while back on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show: that is, a series of witty intrusions, each more exaggerated than the next. Except he’s an actor and I’m not. And people didn’t laugh. So I hope to return to the Riviera to give Ariston audiences the most classic performance possible.” (September 19 – edm)

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