Like Asteroid City: 10 Colorful Airbnb Destinations Inspired by Wes Anderson’s Movies

Pending asteroid city: 10 Colorful Airbnb Destinations Inspired by Wes Anderson’s Movies

The unconvincing events of a somewhat special family in Royal Lieutenants (2001), nostalgia for lost beauty Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), animal dystopia de Isle of Dogs (2018), B-movie tribute with water adventures Steve Zissou (2004). Movies Wes Anderson these are timeless murals, the work of a director who has never turned down a Hollywood studio serial production, recognizable for his obsessive attention to detail and unmistakable storytelling style. And among the many fans of the Texas filmmaker, they are waiting for the release in Italian cinemas (September 14) of a new asteroid citypremiere in Cannes Film Festival 2023. The film is set in 1955 in a city of 87 people in the American Southwest in 1955. The film is about an academic competition between young stargazers and astronaut cadets from across the country that is drastically disrupted by unexpected events. A kind of show within a show that will never cease to excite audiences from all over the world.

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There are many users who share their personal version of the director’s iconic aesthetic on social media, consisting of alienating symmetries, bold sets and original color combinations. We can talk about real andersonomania. For all those who dream of interpreting Anderson’s own, personal story, turning into a day in Jason Schwartzman or Scarlett Johansson, Airbnb AND Universal pictures identified 10 locations around the world that perfectly reflect the director’s aesthetic of the long-awaited asteroid cityalready in the plans United States. While waiting for the movie to hit Italian theaters, here’s a rundown of Airbnb accommodations for the summer that offers the perfect “set design” for those dreaming of a Wes Anderson-style getaway and austere vacation.

Retro caravan, Auckland, New Zealand

Claris (as the caravan is called) offers its guests a unique night experience in a beautiful regional park Oman. Sea view at your fingertips Gulf of Hauraki, over rainforest and white sand beaches Shelley. Claris is a wagon rescued from destruction on an island farm two years ago.

New Zealanders love the little vintage and retro caravans that we’ve used for recreation since the 1950s and 60s. Their simplicity and fun is the essence of a typical and healthy holiday on our beaches and parks that New Zealanders have been enjoying for years. Minimalist.

Dedicated to Wes Anderson, Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada

This over 100 year old home has been updated with modern furnishings and beautiful eclectic furnishings. This is a movie lover’s dream, conceived as an ode to the owners’ favorite director.

Each room is themed or inspired by another film in Wes Anderson’s repertoire, an ongoing and ever-evolving art project. The house is sunny, well lit by morning light and is designed for 4 beds. The large back yard is fully fenced and private, with a large terrace and BBQ area. Unique.

Colored apartment on the Rio Marin canal, Venice, Italy

Lush green plants on one side and a channel Rio Marine with another. The house is filled with vibrant colors with vibrant paintings and artfully and tastefully selected decorative rugs. To see the private garden from behind.

It’s a 5 minute walk from the train station and 10 from the bus and car park. Piazzale Roma. It has a separate entrance on the ground floor and occupies the entire second floor. It can comfortably accommodate 8 people. Italian Anderson.

Futuristic flying saucer-style housing, Redburh, UK

Unique in its kind, it is designed for four people and is located in the heart of Pembrokeshire southern, convenient for reaching seaside resorts Tenby and Saundersfoot with their white sandy beaches and picturesque harbors. The spaceship consists of a double bed and two single beds that can be used as sofas.

There is a dining area, wardrobe and basic amenities (kettle and microwave). There are gas stoves and, not least, a special monitor for video games from the 80s. The sunroof is remote controlled, and in an emergency… Funny.

Yellow Camper, Cosby, Tennessee, USA

After the submarine is a camper (yellow). Camp Grits Solar it is located in a wooded courtyard among other small dwellings. The interior offers soft vintage linens and plenty of tranquility amidst beautiful forests. Tennessee.

Lightweight and airy. The motorhome has enough space to curl up and read a book, play a board game, or have a feast on a propane stove. The space is heated by an ultra-efficient gas heater and illuminated by suspended solar lights. The bed is full size and covered with warm duvets. Intimate.

Pop-style apartment, Casamassella, Apulia, Italy

It’s like being inside a real work of art. The colorful and original apartment was created by the artisans and young artists of Salento to offer a truly unforgettable experience thanks to its colours, playful motifs and unexpected accessories.

The accommodation was designed “SALENTO Poppiti ART“. Casamassella is a city in the province of Lecce a few kilometers from Otranto and from Grotto dei Cervi in ​​Porto Badisco. Artistic and sunny.

Private island in Hvaler, Vesterøy, Ostfold, Norway.

Private island in a beautiful archipelago hvalerthe place with the most sunshine per year in Norway. It is not connected to the grid, but it is possible to recharge using 12-volt connections powered by a solar panel.

No running water: Drinking water (free of charge) can be purchased at the nearest grocery store. Books, board games and candles are at guests’ disposal, as well as a kitchen equipped with the necessary utensils. Outside, the fire pit can be used as a barbecue. Spartan and steady.

The Courtyard Suite, Kent, United Kingdom

In pure “Anderson” scenographic style, with bold color combinations and cinematic angles. Coastal style interior with private patio and custom made beds. Fully equipped kitchenette with pull out sofa bed.

Bathroom with shower. The apartment is located right in front of the beaches margate and near the restaurant Buoy and oyster, in a very secure and dominant position. Absolute ban for smokers, even outdoors. Fantastic.

Blue Airstream 1959, Joshua Tree, California, USA

Airstream 1959 has recently been refurbished and is a minimalist contemporary space inspired by the surrounding desert. Found treasures mixed with handcrafted items make this the perfect place to unwind from everyday stress.

Bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pool and all other services are shared by 8 guests. The property is very private and quite dark at night. Suggestive and vintage.

Secret Suite, Santorini, Greece

It has been recently refurbished to a high standard, creating a bright and comfortable space just minutes from the city centre. And I. This property boasts a magnificent sunset and the opportunity to spend delicious gastronomic moments away from home.

The property consists of a bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom with a shower, as well as a kitchenette and a dining room with beautiful sea views (private hot tub). The suite is located in a fabulous point of the bay. Amoudi in Oia. Iconic.

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