Lionel Messi offers Guardiola to sign with Manchester City TUDN Football

Journalist Martí Perarnau revealed what happened at that moment in his book God Bless Pep flea and the Catalan club he presided over. Josep Maria Bartomeu.

In a section titled “I Just Wanted to Break It,” Perano recounted his thoughts on what happened in August 2020.

“A WhatsApp Sergio Aguero Already triggered an alarm in the club: “Be careful, two things can happen. “Leo kept asking me until Pep signed a contract with Manchester City. “

Later, Pep received a message from Messi himself, knowing whether he could join the England team led by the Catalan coach. Marti Perano revealed that a meeting took place at Guardiola’s home in Barcelona the next day, with the Argentine expressing his desire to play under him again. “Sir, I just wanted to break it,” Leo would tell him.

Messi has told the Manchester City boss about his differences with the Barcelona boss, particularly Bartomeu, and that he felt “cheated and betrayed by them”. “It rains a lot in Manchester,” Pep replied, before talking about it for hours.

If the operation goes ahead, Guardiola is willing to renew his contract with Manchester City, but the biggest problem is that Messi is protected by a 750 million euro clause.

Guardiola: We train very hard in Manchester…

Messi: I will train hard, I’m not worried.

Guardiola: I will continue to have long tactical talks. Maybe you will get bored…

Messi: I will stick to it. I will put up with whatever you do.

Guardiola: Leo, we are old. Maybe we can’t stand each other anymore.

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