Lionel Messi opens up about possibility of returning to FC Barcelona

in an extensive interview L’Equipe In the magazine published this Saturday, Lionel Messi talks about his experience at the last World Cup in Qatar, which was ultimately the key to winning his eighth Ballon d’Or. The 36-year-old striker also publicly explained that when he left PSG, his first thought was to return to FC Barcelona.

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“After becoming world champion, all the goals that were presented allowed me to think beyond the sporting aspect. My first thought was always to return home, to be able to play at Barcelona again and retire there, like I always dreamed of .But that’s not the case. “But that’s not the case. This is similar to what happened in 2021. This is very similar to having to go to Paris in 2021. “admit the attacker.

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Return was not part of their plans

He also admitted that he follows his former team: “Obviously, I follow them as much as I did in Paris. In my opinion, the team has developed very well since Xavi arrived, with a mix of young and experienced players like Lewandowski or Kounde. Young The human level is outstanding.” This is a great team and “they have a chance to do great things this year.”.

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As well as reiterating his options to live comfortably, the scorer also ruled out a return on loan this winter: “No, not at all. Now that I’m here in America I’ve taken a step forward and I don’t think I’ll be playing in Europe again. Of course I’ll miss playing in the Champions League or the league.” For the rest of my life, the combination has a special flavor. But I enjoyed it as much as possible so I didn’t have any frustrations. “.

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