Lionel Messi’s look change sparks theory about Ballon d’Or: ‘Back’

race Lionel Messi She is undoubtedly one of the best and it is no surprise that she was nominated for another Ballon d’Or. Inter Miami shared the detail on their X account (formerly known as Twitter), sparking a flood of comments and theories about the winner of the award.

They reveal the nickname Messi privately hates: “Don’t tell me more”

Leandro Paredes revealed Messi’s most hated nickname in a recent interview.

After a disastrous 5-2 defeat against Atlanta United, the team looks to turn a new leaf and return to training at the DRV PNK Stadium. On their X profile, they shared photos of three players: Josef Martinez, Facundo Farias and Lionel Messi, but one detail about the captain of the Argentina national team raised eyebrows Attention everyone.

“Back in the lab, getting ready for Wednesday.”They wrote alongside the photo in question, which showed Messi deciding to change his look for the upcoming game, and conspiracy theories soon flooded the comments claiming he was shaving for the Ballon d’Or.

Although the awards ceremony was broadcast at the Chatelet Theater in Paris on October 30, the photos were taken in advance. Messi always shaved his beard when he won the award, and the excitement quickly filled the Internet.

Lionel Messi goes into ‘coaching mode’ after visiting son Thiago in Inter Miami Under-12s squad

The Argentina national team captain sat on one of the stadium walls, next to Mateo and Ciro, who drank yerba mate in the shade. In the viral video, you can see how his son’s teammates greet him as they pass by, while he politely waves to them from a distance.

After the game started, No. 10 went into “coaching mode” and gave instructions from the side of the court.

A video of Messi’s bodyguard speaking in Spanish was exposed and caused a sensation: “Too humble”

The humility shown by Messi’s bodyguard Yassine Cheuko in an unexpected meeting with reporters once again caused a stir on social networks.

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