Lizzo gets emotional at Beyonce’s concert: VIDEO

Lizzo impressed to see her name on the big screen at a Beyoncé concert during her Renaissance tour,

Lizzo’s video moved to Beyoncé’s concert

The singer can be seen in a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday, June 27 about damn time Cheer up during Beyonce’s performance Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)in which the latter mentions Lizzo’s name among 28 other iconic women in black music.

“in that moment hearing this reminds me of my little girl happy face Destiny’s Child cried about being bullied more… I remember Beyonce running into the room where Tina Turner was waiting for her for their first date,” Lizzo wrote in the post. “I think about how much we artists mean to people and how cyclical it is. We are very connected and meaningful to each other. It is an honor. Thanks Beyoncé.”

Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child influence

Lizzo has cited Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child several times as inspirations to become a singer., In an interview given to Elle UK last year, he told how much that group had an impact on his life.

,Growing up in Houston, Destiny’s Child was an incredible influence on my decision to become an artist, Mainly because they seemed very close to us,” she explained. “Everyone had stories like ‘I saw Beyoncé that time…’ or ‘I saw Destiny’s Child at that party…’. All this made them more accessible. It made you think: ‘Maybe I can do this too, if I just roll up my sleeves and find the right people to do the job.’

Regarding Beyoncé’s “mission” with her music, Lizzo said, “It’s not that she releases music just for the sake of doing it. There’s always something authentic, do you know what I mean? Message.” I want to give. Whenever I listen to it, I think, ‘Wow, I want to make others feel the same way. How do I?'”.

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