Wednesday 2: Story, preview and release date of the new season

grew up in one of the weirdest and scariest families with my dad GomezMother MorticiaBrother PugsleyUncle cooking And Hand, they are famous the addams family And she, the heroine of one of the series Netflix most followed Wednesday, Together Jenna Ortega She returns to the screens with a new season, playing the protagonist, a cynical and nostalgic girl.

From teen drama As far as deep secretwith specifics Imagination and a touch of Extraordinary, A Yellow on the vein investigative with the addition of divine who wants to tell the story and, above all, the adolescence of one iconic character of the addams family, With these series, Tim Burton Highlights the character of Wednesday, the eldest daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. The worldwide success has propelled the Netflix series to the top of the charts for most watched movies streaming platform,

With a video, Netflix announced to many fans that Wednesday’s story continues. Indeed, there will be a second season for the extraordinary dark-haired girl. What new dangers will the student of nevermind academy, Will he be able to stop the new murders? However, it now seems certain that the second season will be predominantly “darker” and far less “romantic” than the first.

What is plot Second season? i’m not there yet advance on the plot, but it will almost certainly resume from the end of the first one. most likely there will be tyler’s return, after the escape of the previous chapter. amid the wonder of wednesday 2 There are certainly those who would rather have Jenna Ortega as both the head and executive producer of the series. Following the script changes of the first season, this time around Ortega would have a more prominent role in the decisions made to bring the series to fruition.

first season

Eight episodes in which the protagonist, Mercoldy Adams, is sent to Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts, because of his rebellious nature. Far from wanting to mix with her classmates, the girl has to defeat demons and uncover secrets for the good of the community. Thus, the quirky little girl with the sarcastic tone finds a solution to the problem herself. Mystery which involved his parents 25 years ago and in doing so, he meets and falls in love with a girl suicidal maniac Terrorizing the local community.

But how does it end? Tyler turns out to be Hyde, the demon who killed 6 people. It was only on Wednesday that he discovered it thanks to his family. Powers And when she kisses him in his vision, she realizes his dark side. However, the girl also learns that the real culprit who orchestrated and orchestrated everything is Professor Merlin.

wednesday dance

not everyone knows that dance Now famous in which the first season was released to us on Wednesday, on the occasion of dance Inspired by a scene from Nevermore the addams familyThe series that aired on TV in the 60s. Truthful creed on the notes of the musical piece by goo goo shit Did TwitchWednesday’s dance goes viral instantly TIC Toc And within weeks it had become the dance of the day: infectious and irresistible.

When will Wednesday 2 come?

Although there is still no confirmed date according to the first rumours, Wednesday’s second season is expected to debut on Netflix in late 2023-early 2024, during the event Tudum 2023It was also previewed by members of mold that in the second season, will enter the dark series, uN new Addams Family character, who will be? Fans are already speculating the name of the new entry…

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