Lizzo sued by her former dancers for alleged sexual harassment

On Tuesday, August 1, three dancers who previously participated in Lizzo’s tour filed a lawsuit accusing the singer of sexual harassment and creating a toxic work environment. It also named her production company and dance captain Shirlene Quigley.

Details of the situation have been provided NBC Newswhich reports that, according to three plaintiffs – Noel Rodriguez, Crystal Williams and Brianna Davis (the latter two of whom appeared on the Amazon series Beware of big Grrrls) – the singer pressured the “visibly uncomfortable” Brianna Davis to physically touch the naked performers at a club in Amsterdam, where the afterparty was celebrating a tour.

There are also allegations of weight and race harassment related to an incident in which dancers were allegedly reprimanded for demanding payment for downtime. “Only a dance cast of full-figured women of color has ever been spoken to in this manner,” the suit reads. There are also descriptions of veiled comments reportedly directed at dancers shaming their weight.

Shirlene Quigley has been specifically accused of preaching her Christian beliefs to co-workers who have made it clear they have no interest in hearing about them, to the point of “pressuring” Noel Rodriguez and publicly declaring Brianna Davis’ virginity.

Crystal Williams claims she was fired because she disagreed with Lizzo about whether she and the other dancers were drinking at work, and that the day before she was fired, all dancers were subjected to an “excruciating” 12-hour rehearsal. listening. during which Brianna Davis, afraid to leave the dance hall to the toilet, got dirty.

There is also, frankly, a very confusing claim about what happened when Brianna Davis, who claims to suffer from “an eye condition that sometimes caused her to lose her bearings in stressful situations,” recorded the team meeting. Brianna has openly admitted to making the recording, stating that she wants to keep a copy of the artist’s notes and said she deleted it but was “scold” and then fired. Lizzo’s security allegedly held Brianna against her will in a conference room while they ransacked her phone, so the lawsuit alleges “false imprisonment”.

At the time of writing, none of the respondents have addressed the situation. Although on August 2, Shirlin posted a video to Instagram praising her Christian beliefs: “Thank God. I just want to remind you that he is love. He is truth, he is light. he is the first and the last,” she says to the camera. Adding: “Everything works together for him who is called according to his purpose.”

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