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Finally arrived first official trailer Wonkathe film he is in Timothy Chalamet Step into the role of Willy Wonka, one of the most extravagant and beloved characters in children’s literature and beyond. Born into a novel Roald Dahl Chocolate Factory (released in 1964), the greatest inventor and chocolatier in the history of literature is ready to present himself to the public in brand new version: if so far we have seen him in movies, first by Gene Wilder and then by Johnny Depp, at the peak of his success and his industry, now Chalamet is ready to tell us about it. Willie at the beginningan adventurous and resourceful boy who is willing to do anything to make his dream of becoming the world’s greatest chocolatier come true.

As seen in the preview video, the young protagonist returns from long journey around the world, in which he accumulated a thousand experiences and, above all, mysterious and amusing tricks. His determination in desire open a chocolate shopHowever, he is thwarted by a little-known and pedantic chocolatier cartel who wants to put a spoke in his wheels. But Willy is full of tricks up his sleeve and is ready to do anything to achieve his goal, but also to help young girl who lives with him, plays Kalah Laneto whom he wants to give a better future. Therefore, there will be bold scenes, including flying candies, balloons and giraffes, as well as moments real musical.

Written and directed by Wonka Paul Kingalready director of amazingly successful films Paddingtonand boast a solid cast: in fact, they range from Oscar-winning Olivia Colman actress revelation water shape Sally Hawkinsfrom ex mr bean Rowan Atkinson To Jim Carter seen in downton abbey, then passing through Keegan-Michael Key, Paterson Joseph and Matt Lucas. But most importantly, always in this trailer for the first time we have the opportunity to see such an actor as Hugh grant dive into “small” shoes one of the Oompa-Loompas, short, squat, orange-faced exotic creatures who become the chocolatier’s number one helper and ally. The film, whose premises are clearly very greedy, will appear in theaters starting from from 14 December.

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