Long hair cut: the hair chosen by the stars

Among the beauty trends of 2023 there are obviously hair. Short and very short, in some cases, but also long or medium-long, as long as you choose particular, original, unique hairstyles and cuts. Needless to say, long hair has a timeless charm, but above all it is really versatile and in some ways super comfortable. On the other hand, however, maintaining long, healthy hair requires commitment, care, perseverance and attention.

The women’s long hair cut remains the most requested cut, because it allows you to have healthy and long hair but at the same time to experiment with ever new hairstyles, thanks to a particular but versatile cut that always knows how to be

Women’s long haircuts: from lob to medium scaled, smooth or wavy cut

Between women’s long haircuts he is always the most requested, the long bob: also called lob, the long bob (or long bob) is a generally straight cut, which can be worn smooth or wavy. In some cases, the lob is asymmetrical or layered: in the first case, the cut is shorter in the back and longer in the front; in the second case, the scaling tends to be spread throughout the hair.

In addition to the bob, there are other long or medium-long cuts that we will find throughout 2023: many international stars remind us of this. There’s Billie Eilish with her shag, Jennifer Lopez with a long and delicate wolf cut, Karlie Kloss with a long and wavy bob and Ana De Armas, with her scaled U cut.

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In general, long and very long hair is looking for constant variations on the theme: the women’s long hair cut ideal, in fact, it must be original, first of all, but also versatile, comfortable, voluminous and light. Long hair must be visibly healthy, for this reason it is extremely important to take care of it in the right way, perhaps through specific masks and wraps, dedicated home treatments, specific products to nourish and give volume and shine without ever weighing it down.

And for those who don’t want hair that’s too long, but not too short either, there is the medium cut, the ideal compromise: perfect both layered and straight, the medium cut is perfect if we don’t want to change or distort our look too much, but at the same time we are looking for something new and particular.

Women’s long hair cut: the stars that inspire us

Mullet, lob, shag, wolf cut, with curtain bangs or super layered: i women’s long haircuts they will be variegated and original, but at the same time versatile and easy to maintain even at home. How will we wear our hair in 2023? International stars have the answer.

Jennifer Lopez’s soft wolf cut

Variation on the theme much more delicate than the original, the wolf cut sported by Jennifer Lopez it is much softer and more voluminous, enriched by a curtain fringe that falls softly on the forehead. Similar to the mullet, the wolf cut lends itself to both wavy and curly hairstyles, as in the case of Jennifer Lopez.

Karlie Kloss long bob

Karlie Kloss chooses a long and asymmetrical bob, to give more volume to its lengths. Longer in the front, shorter in the back, Karlie Kloss’s hair adds volume to the overall hair, especially when worn with a choppy hairstyle.

karlie kloss

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The U cut by Ana de Armas

Finally, the actress Ana de Armas chooses a para hair, not layered, known as “U cut”, the ideal solution if we want para but at the same time voluminous hair. The U-cut has rounded ends on the front of the hair and is more “convex” on the lengths, even on the back. In this way, the hair, even if very smooth and thin, is much more voluminous.

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