Loredana Berte, guest of her “true rising star” tour: at 12 she is already a TV star

Loredana Berte rising star
Loredana Berte with a rising star (photo: Ansa) Velvetmusic.it

Loredana Berte published a frame in which she is captured with a young girl who has already won everyone’s heart.

The singer is by far one of the most beloved in the Italian music scene and was able to immediately capture the attention of thousands of people. In fact, he has 17 albums to his credit. and many other television and theater experiences. In fact, he took part in the Sanremo festival 11 times, and his songs, all of which became successful hits, entered the history of music.

Eager for new adventures Loredana invited a young girl to her tour who with his voice broke into the hearts of many. That’s who it is.

Loredana Berte accepts you: she is 12 years old and very good

The artist has always given a lot of opportunities to budding artists and has demonstrated this many times over the years. Take, for example, was a talent show judge Voice Senior directed by Antonella Clerici, and during the last television season also Children’s voice.

loredana berte melissa rising star
Loredana Berte with young Melissa, an aspiring artist (photo: Instagram profile of Loredana Berte’s office) Velvetmusic.it

In fact, many children took part in the program and gave it their all, showing everyone their talent. Among them, to attract attention and very young Melissa Agliottone won this editionwho charmed everyone with a song small from Lady Gaga. The aspiring artist was part of Loredana Berte’s team, who, fascinated by her talent, decided to give her new opportunities and invite her to one of her concerts on stage. Loredana announced her presence by posting a photo on her social profiles. in which he shows himself in his company.

Unexpected guest on one of my tours, Melissa Agliottone from my team The Voice Kids and winner of the first edition of the program.“, she wrote, “And all this at just 12 years old. Real talent, real rising star“. At that time, there was no shortage of numerous comments from fans who were not at a loss. the opportunity to comment and give compliments to the young artist.

The girl deserves a lot. She’s too good“- wrote one of them. It’s still: “Melissa is very good”, “I remember her well. Pazzesca”, “How beautiful and how good”. Young – and already famous – Melissa actually won the hearts of thousands of viewerswho were captivated by his powerful voice and talent, as well as his stage presence worthy of the best Italian scenes.

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