Louis Tomlinson concert at Lido di Camaiore, hundreds of fans camped outside

Lido di Camaiore (Lucca), August 18, 2023 – That the anticipation for Louis Tomlinson’s concert at Lido di Camaiore is growing can be understood from two factors: firstly, as soon as you arrive in the village of Benelli, territory, in which this territory, Bussoladomani, is located, the music of trials is heard in the air that permeates this strip of land – yes, touristic Versilia, not historical, it needs to be clarified, because then purists are offended – between Via Aurelia and the sea. Secondly, hundreds of fans, mostly girls, crowded the stretch of bike path that ran along what was once a piece of land owned by the Benelli family farm, who owned everything here so much that they gave the area its name. The first arrived on 7 August: four Spanish girls between the ages of 18 and 23 who had camped in front of the gates of Bussola the next day to be the first to enter. For several days he turned a blind eye to it, because this camping on a public road with sleeping bags and Canadian tents would not be quite ordinary, but, in fact, these were just four educated and civilized girls who did not leave dirt on ground or make a mess. Then out of four there were ten, and now at least two hundred, despite the fact that the concert was on Saturday evening. For some, hours, for others, days of waiting for a visit to the Far From Home festival, which, after the first two editions in London and Malaga, landed on the Lido. The star of the evening will be Tomlinson, who, thanks to the kind “fanaticism” of his supporters, seems to have won the derby against former bench-mate Harry Styles, whose fans camped in Campovolo in Reggio Emilia for “just” a week in July. . Joking aside, if Stiles is now a leading global celebrity, then it must be said that all the former members of One Direction have come a long way since the breakup of the group, and now Tomlinson is a very successful soloist.

Fans of Louis Tomlinson camping in Lido di Camaiore (photo by Umicini)

Fans of Louis Tomlinson camping in Lido di Camaiore (photo by Umicini)

Returning to the fans, even Mayor Marcello Pierucci went to visit them, pleased to see so much enthusiasm and movement in an area that has endured decades of neglect and degradation despite being one of Tuscany’s tourist gems. Even residents and vacationers – here most of the houses are made up of secondary houses of Florentines, Pratosians, Pistons, Lombards, etc. – on the whole seem to willingly accept what is in any case an inconvenience, between noise, traffic. , parking bans and one day (Saturday), which even caused some to leave their vacation temporarily and drive home until Sunday to avoid the inconvenience they will inevitably experience if they find themselves in the Viale Kennedy area on Saturday. .

The fans were forced to leave what would in fact be the red zone of the concert venue and driven a few dozen meters further east towards Via Trieste, where they set up tents, umbrellas and sleeping bags in a bicycle-created enclosure. path under the pine trees in the shade, there are chemical toilets. A few more hours, and then they will finally be able to get to the wings: all these efforts, in fact, are aimed at only one goal – to get to the concert from the front rows. Good show.

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