Louis Tomlinson in Tuscany, fans queued 12 days before the concert

Lido di Camaiore (Lucca), August 8, 2023 – fan Louis Tomlinson they beat the fans Harry Stylesat least in Italy. It made the news that al Campovolo fans of the former One direction Stiles was in line a week before the show; his former bandmate Tomlinson wins the competition as Lido di Camaiore there are those who have camped beauty twelve before. Four girls aged 18 to 23, who came from Spain, sleeping bags and a lot of patience: they settled down in front of the entrance to Compass tomorrow be first in line when the gates open, but only at 3 pm on Saturday, August 19.

This event is called “Festival away from home”, which comes to Versilia after the first two editions in London and Malaga, and in Andalusia these same four girls were first in line. In other words: ready for anything to take first place. But wouldn’t it be an exaggeration to arrive twelve days early? “Yeah, it’s crazy, we know.” But they also know how to behave: they leave everything clean, they don’t make a mess, they just wait. Almost more mystics in meditation (armed with smartphones) than wild groupies.

They move around the brick shed in front of the Bussoladomani park, following the shadow. During the day they have their own beach towels and folding chairs, in the evening they take out sleeping bags; they take turns leaving the station to go to a supermarket or a bar, and then return to their place. Watching the concert park 24/7 looks bewildering, but the girls don’t seem to have any intention of causing trouble. But then they warn: “We don’t want publicity, because the fans are a little … exaggerated, so to speak, and if they find out that we have already set up camp, we may be in trouble.” And if the fans are ready to spend twelve days on concrete waiting for the concert, then, presumably, the problems can be really big: after all, it was in Kampovol that those who waited for days received threats through social networks. (even death) envious “colleagues”.

They also say: “We are the first, but others are coming.” And then the question arises: how much? In the Benelli Village area, there is as yet no idea of ​​what might happen. It is true that thousands of fans arrived for Jamiroquai and Lana Del Rey, but at best they lined up the day before. Now the risk is to get together a few days before the show, which will feature the likes of Blossoms, The Cribs, HotWax, Andrew Cushin and DJ sets by Abbie McCarthy and Carl Barat, before culminating in the most compelling name and cause. for fans’ ravings, former One Direction Louis Tomlinson. If the previous concerts give any idea, then we should expect a significant audience of twenty thousand present. Rooms that will also have to be managed on the public order front.

Of course, after decades of abandonment and degradation, it’s nice to see that Bussoladomani, having gone from the tent theater to the park, has returned to life, but she does not remember these follies, even when the elders passed here. Of course, Renato Zero had to escape from the siege of Sorchini, hiding in an ambulance near the tent, there were not enough delirium scenes, but twelve days of waiting is truly a record.

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