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Louis Vuitton Blossom Ana de Armas – After Idylle Blossom in 2012 and Color Blossom in 2016, Louis Vuitton presents a new design of its famous Blossom collection inspired by Monogram Flower Houses. The new creations are inspired by the graphic profile of Louis Vuitton’s iconic flower, complemented by an openwork pattern that gives the jewelery a whole new look. On the other hand, new volumes and dimensions give the brand maximum versatility and expressiveness.

Louis Vuitton Blossom Ana de Armas: advertising campaign, video

Like Idylle Blossom and Color Blossom, the new line includes precious creations with diamonds inlaid or all over pavé and at the same time perfect for any occasion. The collection is available in rose and white goldincludes everything 11 pieces starting from rings and pendants exquisite and stackable to whimsical huge hoop earrings. Charismatic and graphic, yet versatile, the collection plays with bold volumes, sizes and textures to let the imagination run wild and create different looks for every mood and occasion.

Rings are available in two sizes:mini ring with a classic and delicate design with diamonds on the petals andbigger ring set with one pavé diamond. Worn alone or layered together for added effect, the rings embody the versatile spirit of the Blossom collection, where you can mix and match different sizes, textures, heights and volumes to best express your personal style and creativity.

The originality and individuality of this line is formed primarily among earrings. Bold volume is guaranteed by the XL models, which highlight the floral design surrounded by a thin line of diamonds. Mini hoops, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want something more discreet: small and dainty, they rest elegantly on the earlobe and are adorned with a diamond clasp for extra sophistication.

Fashionable, modern and trendy, the earrings have sinuous shapes that allow you to adapt to any point on the ear, wherever you place them. The model is also available in white gold with diamonds.ear cuffs it can be worn alone or paired with other earrings for a more assertive look.

A cool graphic design hoop earring is the main character of the collection, it is unique, practical and comfortable thanks to its simple mechanism. With a fun and playful design, it becomes a true form of self-expression when paired with other items, especially headphones.

Finally, repetition and the possibility of combination with each other are also found in pendants. The necklace features a delicate round diamond on a chain and is fully adjustable and available in pink and white gold for a variety of designs.

Simple yet bold and graphic, the entire collection features modern and bold designs that continue to celebrate the beauty of the imagination and empower the wearer.

Louis Vuitton’s new Blossom jewelry collection is narrated and interpreted in a video campaign and footage by the Maison’s ambassador Ana De Armas.

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