low rider style tail that can be copied

In a completely white outfit, complemented by high black boots. Belen Rodriguez decorate her image spent on horseback by wearing low ponytail.

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Icons of the past, such as trend-setting Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana, have never ceased to captivate stars and royalty who never miss an opportunity to give a few style lessons. first blood in the saddle. Contemporary equestrian style icons Charlotte Casiraghi and her unforgettable appearance on horseback at the Chanel show in January 2022 are Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who appear in their society pictures in ultra-classic outfits and with strictly collected hair.

This trend has now been joined by Belén, who, by sharing photos and videos on his Instagram stories, has presented cutesy hairstyle that can be copied.

Riding tail: how to repeat the Belen Rodriguez hairstyle

First sitting comfortably on a golf cart in a floral dress by Mar de Margaritas (of which she co-founded) and Superga on her feet, and then donning a lynx outfit, the Argentine presenter lives through the last days of summer by devoting herself to contact classes. with nature. Perhaps a way to regain her well-being and clear her mind of the news and gossip about her breakup with Stefano de Martino, including betrayals, playing golf and horseback riding, turns into an opportunity to showcase a hairstyle that conquers the first glance with its simplicity.

Belen Rodriguez low ponytail hair newspinterest icon


A fairly accentuated side part is paired with a sleek finish that, located behind the neck, makes Belen Rodriguez’s long strands of hair fall over her shoulders in sinuous waves. low ponytailwhich is especially noticeable due to the parting of the hair, which, like the chignon chosen by Bella Hadid for riding a horse, is located at the height of the temple.

This hairstyle, which can be worn in combination with low modern rider boots, is worth appreciating in the fall of 2023.

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