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In a statistic published by the agency Inegi exist February 2023it was revealed that 8% The number of deaths registered on the national territory is determined by malignant tumorAbout 90,123 cases.

Although there are several factors that contribute to greater susceptibility to the disease, such as age and family historyit may be that daily habits directly affect the spread of the disease.

Habits that Help Prevent Cancer

Some habits can damage our health and promote the spread of cancer in our body, one of them is smokes, he lung cancer is the most common and deadliest, although not limited to the respiratory tract, tobacco is known to related to other diseases around the body.

If your skin is exposed to UV rays without protection for a long time, you are more likely skin cancer candidatein fact, it is well known that the type It is most common in the United States.; Therefore, it is recommended to cover the most exposed dermis with special clothing or clothing. Apply sunscreen.

Complications from Hepatitis C is a significant cause of serious problems such as Liver damage, cirrhosis, liver failure, or liver cancerwhich is why experts in the field say Screening tests for this disease and timely treatment Prevent major diseases.

Although there are other recommendations that focus primarily on living a full and healthy life, such as Limit alcohol; eat healthily, including fruits and vegetables in your diet, and maintain a healthy weight.

What is cancer?

This disease occurs because of some Cells in the body multiply uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body, this can originate anywhere in the body and is most notoriously detected by: tumor.

When cells are healthy, they form and multiply as the body needs; instead when they are abnormal or broken They form and multiply when they shouldn’t, which is what leads to the formation of masses of tissue called tumors, and there are two types: malignant and benign.

When they contain cancer, they invade nearby tissue and have the potential to grow further and form tumors elsewhere in the body, a process known as transfer.These qualities are present in most types, but also in others such as Leukemia, it cannot form solid balls.

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